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A Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-900 ER up in the sky

Boeing 737-900 ER

The Boeing 737-900 ER, a new-generation member of the Boeing 737 family, can fly farther distances than its counterparts, with its extended body and increased range capability. Part of the Turkish Airlines fleet since 2011, the Boeing 737, is a sight to behold with structural curvature and an aesthetically pleasing interior design aspects. The Boeing 737-900 ER is a favorite for long-haul flights with CFM International CFM56-7Be twin-engine turbofans and a flight experience perfected by spacious, comfortable seats and in-flight entertainment systems.

Boeing 737-900 ER at first glance

Maximum range

5.925 km


35.8 m


42.1 m


12.5 m


823 km/s

The Boeing 737-900 ER, features seats that have increased reclining capacity providing extra comfort during flights. The Boeing 737-900 ER is the embodiment of high performance with high-tech flight systems, an exterior design that bolsters safety and durability, improved aerodynamic structure for more load-carrying and eco-friendly noise reduction engines that are fuel-efficient.

Maximum comfort