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Continue your journey after landing

We are giving 30 TRY of Fuel for the first 15.000 people who match their memberships! Match your memberships now and start your journey to a world of opportunities.

How do I match my memberships?

All you have to do to benefit from these opportunities is to match your Positive Card with your Miles& Smiles membership and go to any one of the Petrol Ofisi stations that is involved with the campaign. You can easily match your memberships from or type THY space your membership number and send it to 7627 as an SMS.

Convert your Miles into fuel instantly!

Those who match their Positive Cards with their Miles& Smiles memberships can determine the amount of Miles they want to turn into fuel and convert them instantly and use them when purchasing fuel from Petrol Ofisi stations.

Each 1.000 mile can be instantly converted and used as 30 TRY of fuel at Petrol Ofisi stations. After converting your Miles to fuel, all you have do is to give your Positive Card to the employees at the station’s market and say that you want to use your gift fuels.

Legal notice

Within the campaign, customers who pair their Positive Card and Miles&Smiles memberships on website or by sending SMS to 7627 (Ex: THY TK12345678 7000190370001903) will earn fuel points worth 30 TL (3.000 Positive Points). These Positive Points can only be used for fuel and autogas purchases at Petrol Ofisi stations that execute Positive Card Program and participated in the campaign until 31.12.2019. A customer can only benefit from the campaign once and the campaign is limited to the first 15.000 people. Petrol Ofisi reserves the rights to stop and change the campaign.