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Stay in Eresin Hotels Taxim Premier, earn double Miles

Miles Smiles members earn 2 times Miles from Eresin Hotels Taxim Premier accommodation. Make your reservation until July 31, 2020, enjoy your extra Miles!

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Terms and conditions

  • Miles&Smiles members will be awarded 1,000 Miles per stay to one or more consecutive nights. Long stays consisting of consecutive days are considered as one stay.
  • In case more than one miles&Smiles member share a hotel room, only one member will earn Miles for the particular stay.
  • In order to earn Miles, you need to present your Miles&Smiles card during check-in at the hotel.
  • It may take a certain period of time for your hotel stay to be credited into your account. In case of any problems, please contact the hotel with your receipt.
  • This special offer will be valid until July 31, 2020.