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Turkish Airlines Holidays

Earn Double Miles with Turkish Airlines Holidays!

While having a perfect holiday in Divan hotels, do not miss the opportunity to earn 3 times Miles. Enjoy your Miles&Smiles privileges now and discover Divan hospitality.

In addition, you can earn extra miles not only from flights but also from all services included in the package holiday, such as hotels, car rentals, and transfer expenses.

Click here to buy a package holiday.

Wherever in the world, you can have a holiday as you wish.

  • Book your holiday needs at once.
  • Collect miles for hotel, transfer&car rental on top of the miles for flight.
  • Plan your holiday with hundreds of holiday inspirations to explore global and local travel trends.
  • Enjoy a holiday with the quality and assurance of Turkish Airlines.
  • Do not pay any extra, do not put up with hidden costs.

Terms and conditions

  • The campaign is valid at selected hotels.
  • The campaign is valid for accomodations between 20.10.2021-30.12.2021.
  • Our guests participating in the campaign will earn double miles for the reservations they make on the website between 20.10.2021 and 30.12.2021 at the specified facilities.
  • Each Miles&Smiles member can benefit from the campaign only once. A limited amount of miles is defined within the scope of the campaign.
  • Earned miles will be credited to your account until the 10th day of the month following the end of your trip.
  • In order to earn miles from the campaign, the accommodation must be completed. If you cancel or do not use your reservation, the earning of miles will not be valid.
  • Cash and installment transactions are included in the campaign.
  • In order to benefit from the Miles offer, Miles&Smiles membership number must be entered at the reservation stage. Miles cannot be earned from reservations if the Miles&Smiles membership number is entered incorrectly or if the relevant membership number is not entered.
  • Miles&Smiles membership number must be filled in the format as in the following example. E.g. TK123456789
  • Reservations subject to earn miles must be made via the hotel touchpoints on the Turkish Airlines online platforms, where Turkish Airlines logo is obviously seen at the top or via
  • If there is an agreement between the hotel and Miles&Smiles, the rule above applies in such cases.
  • Members cannot earn miles if the reservation is made directly on
  • The miles earned will be loaded on the card whose member number is entered when making the reservation.
  • The last date of participation in the campaign is 30.12.2021.
  • Miles earned from package holidays and flights are also credited to the user's account when they benefit from other campaigns and opportunities offered by Turkish Airlines Holidays.
  • Turkish Airlines and Turkish Airlines Holidays reserves the right to make any changes and cancellations regarding the campaign without prior notice.