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The Great Move is beginning!

Dear Passengers,

You can access current information regarding your flights due to relocation operations to our new home, Istanbul Airport, via our flight status page with your flight number or route.

Passenger rights for cancelled flights: Learn more

The changes and refund of ticket can be done under the following circumstances:
  1. You can change or receive ticket refunds for your domestic tickets, and unused and unchanged international tickets before the time of your scheduled flight on our web site and updated mobile application.
  2. Changes to ticket can be made for a time of your choice, if available, 7 days before and 15 days after the date of travel written on the original ticket. The changes can be made via our web site, updated mobile application, call center, sales offices or the travel agency which issued the ticket.
  3. Ticket refunds can be made via our web site, an updated version of our mobile application, our call center, our sales offices or travel agencies from which the ticket was purchased. Refunds of tickets after the time of your scheduled flight that are paid for, can be made within a period of two years beginning with the date of issuance while tickets purchased with miles can be refunded within one year through our sales office and call center.
  4. You can refund\rebook your domestic ticket or unused/unchanged international ticket through the Interactive Voice Response system of our call center at 444 0 849 / +908503330849 with ease, without the need to speak to a customer representative.

Passenger rights for non-cancelled flights: Learn more

Due to relocation operations to Istanbul Airport, passengers who are booked on Turkish Airlines flights from/to/via Istanbul Airport and Ataturk Airport between the dates of 04/04/2019 and 09/04/2019, provided that the following procedures are performed until 19/03/2019 for the tickets issued on or before 12/03/2019; are entitled to: 

  1. A right to rebook without charge, as long as the requested date of flight is between before 7 days and after 15 days as of the date of travel specified on the original ticket. 
  2. Regarding refunds: Refund requests will be handled according to the original fare rules 
  3. Extension of the ticket validity period: Validity date of the tickets may be extended up to 15 days as of to the date of travel specified on the original ticket without any fee or penalty. 
  4. These rules apply to flights operated by Turkish Airlines and AnadoluJet only. 
  5. The rights given in the related announcement are only valid once.

For refunds and rebooking