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At Turkish Airlines, our priority is to make our passengers as comfortable as possible during their journey. For this reason, we take into account all the baggage needs of our passengers and offer numerous cabin baggage options. When you are traveling with Turkish Airlines, you can take luggage along with you in the cabin, as long as it does not compromise security and meets our weight and size criteria.
Cabin baggage allowance

Maximum pieces Maximum weight Maximum dimensions*
Business Class 2 pieces 8 kg (per piece) 55x40x23 cm
Economy Class 1 piece 8 kg
Child passengers
Infant passengers
*Please ensure that any items you wish to take as cabin baggage are the right size to fit in the overhead lockers or under the seat in front of you.

In line with international flight rules, there are certain restrictions relating to cabin baggage. To ensure you enjoy a trouble-free flight, please check the list below for any prohibited items or materials you may be carrying in your cabin baggage.

Materials prohibited inside the cabin
Materials allowed in the cabin Materials prohibited in the cabin
Medicines (Both solid and liquid medicines must be kept in their original packaging and be accompanied by a doctor’s note prescribing their use) All types of firearms or other weapons
Baby food (Infants must be accompanied. You are only permitted to carry enough solid or liquid baby food to meet your child’s needs during the journey) Toy guns or gun-shaped lighters
Breathing equipment All types of scissors or penknives
Perfume (Bottles may not exceed 100 ml.) All types of blunt instruments (golf clubs, baseball or cricket bat)
1 lighter (you must carry this on your person and it cannot be left in your bag) Umbrellas with a pointed tip
Cosmetic items (cream, lotions, mascara, blusher) Camping stoves
Shaving foam, toothpaste Sewing kit
Contact lens fluids Self-defense items such as electroshock devices and pepper spray
Tennis or squash rackets (you must carry these in their special cases)
Deodorants (are portable in sizes below 100 ml)

Our guiding principle in specifying items prohibited in the cabin is to prevent the carriage of materials that could endanger the flight. To ensure a problem-free flight, you can hand over these types of materials as checked baggage, which can be transported in the aircraft hold.


Liquids brought into the cabin must be in containers with a capacity no greater than 100 ml. We should add that these liquids must be carried in a sealable, transparent plastic bag of a capacity no greater than 1 l, and you may only carry 1 of these bags with you during the flight.

Damaged baggage

If your cabin baggage is damaged as a result of the actions of our staff, be assured that Turkish Airlines will meet the full cost of the damage. Our passengers are responsible for any other types of damage. We recommend that you read the legal regulations on this subject.

Baggage and safety

Please prepare Your baggage on Your own or view the preparation. Do not take any other objects from someone you don’t know. Also look over it to close boxes and packages inside.

In the event of the following Your baggage will not be accepted on board the flight if;

• Your baggage is liable to cause damage to the aircraft, passengers or other cargo.

• Your baggage is not packaged in a way that facilitates orderly and safe handling.

• Your baggage contains items whose transport is prohibited by laws and regulations in any of the states of departure, destination or overflight.

• Your baggage is of dimensions exceeding size limits.

• Any piece of baggage exceeds 32 kg.

• Your baggage contains prohibited hazardous substances.

Along with your cabin baggage, you are permitted to carry 1 other personal item into the cabin free of charge, such as a handbag, camera, portable baby seat/carrier, laptop, or umbrella without a pointed tip.
You can carry items bought from Duty Free, as long as you hold onto the receipt and keep them enclosed inside their special bag. These bags must remain closed until the end of your journey. On flights that transit via European Union countries or the United States, we do not allow Duty Free products over 100 ml in the cabin.