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Another year, another vibrant Easter in many beautiful cities

In almost every country, unique Easter festivities unfold, bringing the streets to life. Especially in Europe, excitement is in the air, starting from April, as great Easter-specific traditions, delicacies, goods and events occur.

The world is preparing for Easter, also known as Eastertide, Easter Sunday, or Easter week, this year on April 21. Many have been waiting in anticipation to find out more about Easter, so we have looked into different Easter options for you to discover.

What is easter?

One of the oldest and most significant Christian celebrations, Easter, celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day after his crucifixion. Easter day follows a forty-day Lent, where a habit is forsaken in order to overcome the will and rejuvenate the spirit.

The origin of the word Easter comes from the Hebrew root, Pascha, which passed from Hebrew into Latin and Greek and means “Passover.” Rumor has it that the Passover is remembrance of the escape of Israelites under captivity in Egypt and the emancipation of the life of the first-born child. Some Western languages refer to Pascha as Easter. The root Word for Ostern is Eostur in the Teutonic Calendar, meaning the month of April. This month is named after the Anglo-Saxon goddess Eastre.

When is easter celebrated?

Easter is celebrated annually between March 22nd and April 25th, the first Sunday after the full moon.

Easter traditions

In most countries Easter is celebrated at a church. Many different traditions take place at Easter. There are bunnies made from chocolate and painted eggs. These chocolate bunnies and colorful eggs are gifted and sold to tourists in Easter markets established in various regions of the cities.

The fertility of rabbits, an egg symbolizing rebirth and new life all representing the resurrection. During this period, special Easter buns are prepared at home. Easter buns contain the usual ingredients: oil, milk, eggs, flour, baking powder and sugar. What makes them distinct is the use of molasses and currants. According to the sect of the church, candles and fire are also part of the Easter tradition. Besides bunnies, eggs, buns and there are treats placed in special baskets, one of the most loved rituals of the Easter period.

Easter is celebrated in various ways in various countries. For example, in Poland, churches are decorated with flowers and palm trees that are delivered to the church in a ceremony. Book a flight to Warsaw to witness the Easter festivities with a Polish twist. Italy, unsurprisingly, offers delicious treats. Enjoy the divine flavorsome Easter desert Gubana and other treats, by booking a flight to Rome or booking a flight to Venice. When it comes to Germany, magnificent festivals are held in Berlin. To join in the special feasts and watch the festival performances, all you need to do is book a flight to Berlin. In London, during Easter there are exhibitions, competitions and special tours. Join in the fun, from chocolate-making tours to Easter eggs by booking a flight to London.