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Kastamonu Ilgaz Ski Resort

Ilgaz Ski Resort is located on Ilgaz Mountains with a height of 2,850 meters and within Ilgaz National Park. In general, a foggy air dominates this place, which has a natural structure surrounded by fir trees. Skiers will also have the opportunity to watch these unparalleled beauties. This ski resort where down sloping is generally slow is most preferred by beginner level skiers and those who want to improve their skiing skills. You can ski on powder snow in all tracks. Fly to Ilgaz for a pleasant holiday!


Ski tracks in Ilgaz 

There are 2 tracks with a total length of 2.8 km. The longest track length is 1.5 km. 

Facilities in Ilgaz 

There is one moving walkway, one chairlift, and one ski lift serving in the tracks. There are also top model (range table) chairlifts with 4 seats. 

Height of Ilgaz 

The height of Ilgaz Ski Resort is 2,000 meters. The height difference from the starting point to the arrival point is 400 meters. 

Ski season in Ilgaz 

The skiing season at Ilgaz Ski Resort starts in December and continues until April. 

Ilgaz transportation 

The distance between Kastamonu Airport and Ilgaz Ski Resort is 40 km. It is also 40 km to Kastamonu provincial center. Kastamonu flights take you to Ilgaz effortlessly. 

Accommodation in Ilgaz 

Kastamonu is a friend of all budgets with many hotels within the ski resort as well as luxurious alternatives that are located in Kastamonu provincial center for those who prefer opulence.

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