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Top 10 Privileges of Working for Turkish Airlines

Competitive Salary Learn more

Turkish Airlines salaries are competitive in terms of the industry standards.

Career Advancement Learn more

All pilots will be eligible to enter the seniority list for an upgrade irrespective of nationality. Turkish Airlines offers Pilots to develop their careers on one of its youngest fleets. Prospects for a long term career are available for pilots.

Contract Type Learn more

All pilot contracts are permanent at TURKISH AIRLINES. In addition they can work and fly until the age of 65.

Commuting Roster Learn more

Wide body pilots are entitled to 8 consecutive days block off days, excluding the traveling time. Narrow body pilots are entitled to 4+3+1. The flexible rostering system gives the Pilots the opportunity to travel frequently to their home base.

Concessional Travel Learn more

Two ID 90 tickets per month are provided to pilots and their respective families. There are also CED and ZED tickets which they can benefit from.

Health Insurance Learn more

All employees at Turkish Airlines are provided with a comprehensive health insurance scheme.

Working Conditions Learn more

Easily commutable, due to its close proximity to Europe and Central Asia. Turkish Airlines offers its employees to work in a transparent working environment that offers creativity and team spirit. Turkish Airlines is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Loss of License Learn more

Turkish Airlines offers payments in the event loss of license due to unforeseen circumstances as well as for health reasoning’s.

Center of attraction: Istanbul Learn more

Hosting diverse cultures and being home to various lifestyles, Istanbul is also less than 3 hours away to a large number of countries due to its geographical location.