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Flights to Croatia

Zagreb Croatian
Croatian Kuna 4,154 million
Epiphany (January 06), Easter (March), Labor Day (May 01), Corpus Christi (May 26), Anti-Fascist Struggle Day (June 22), Statehood Day (June 25), Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day (August 05), Assumption of Mary (August 15), Independence Day (October 08), All Saints’ Day (November 01), Christmas (December 25)

Situated at the crossroads of Central Europe, Balkans and Mediterranean, Croatia consists of main lands and islands. A country where verdant islands close to the land offers spectacular landscapes while meeting with the deep blue sea, Croatia simply is enthralling by its famous city walls and fortresses of its deep-rooted history. You may enjoy the sun and sea in Dubrovnik and Split, as one of the best coasts of the natural wonder Dalmatians, visit Lokrum Island remarkable for serving as a movie set for Game of Thrones and its stone houses, take a pleasant break at the pretty cafés in capital Zagreb, or visit the country’s notable national parks to witness the natural marvels.

Take a look at the flights to Croatia offered by Turkish Airlines now to explore the distinctive face of this beautiful country and set your plan to enjoy a privileged journey of high quality.

Flight Details

Croatia flight details

Turkish Airlines flies to four different destinations in Croatia: Dubrovnik, Pula, Split and Zagreb. Flights take off from Istanbul Airport and land at Zagreb Airport (ZAG) in the capital within nearly two hours.

Zagreb Airport (ZAG) serves as the busiest airport countrywide. Moreover, Split Airport (SPU), Dubrovnik Airport (DBV) and Pula Airport (PUY) which are frequently preferred by those fond of sea vacation especially in the summertime are other airports meeting the high demand in country’s air traffic. Turkish Airlines also offers direct flights from Istanbul Airport (IST) to Dubrovnik Airport (SBV) on certain days of the week, which take two hours in average. However, those travelling to Split and Pula should take a connecting flight over Zagreb Airport (ZAG).

Croatia can be visited all year round thanks to the opportunities it offers for its guests as well as its perfectly-situated location. Nevertheless, it can be said that the country is in high demand especially during the months of summer, when there are many festivals taking place to closely observe the local culture and traditions in this adorable country. Moreska Festival held in July at Korcula Island shines out as an event where you can experience pleasantly the local culture with the performance of many local folk tales. Dubrovnik Summer Festival in July also ranks among the top comprehensive events countrywide, gathering together music, theater and performance arts.

Croatia recently hosts the world’s most attractive music festivals as well. The most popular musical event held in the country is the Sonus Festival in August. Hosting the globally known DJ’s, the festival is regarded as the most popular electronic music festival. Love International Festival and Ultra Europe Festival in July are other big electronic music festivals gathering together many notable people.

Although Croatia hosts the most attracting festivals worldwide in electronic music, it is not the only type of music you may listen here. INmusic Festival at the capital Zagreb in July welcomes rock and indie music lovers. Outlook Festival in September, on the other hand, offers many types of music as hip hop, reggae and dub step. Love System Festival, where the participants stay at the tree houses and join boat parties, is held in May every year, welcoming the most attention-grabbing artists of House music.

In brief, Croatia is flooded by visitors all over the world by its splendid sea, bright sun, marvelous nature and deep rooted history, as well as it entertaining culture. It would be recommendable to set your vacation plan in line with these festivals, if you wish to have a pleasant stay in the country’s colorful and entertaining atmosphere.

Attraction Points

Croatia sightseeing and attractions

Croatia owns extremely high tourism potential although it is a small country by area. In addition to vigorous festivals, there are many cities and districts to see and historical and natural marvels to visit.

The capital Zagreb, ranking among the top verdant towns in Europe is an ideal destination for those wishing to escape from noisy city life. As an utterly well-planned city architecturally as well, Zagreb is full of the traces of Austria-Hungary and socialist history. The heart of the city, Ban Jelacic Square is home to many attractions. This square is utterly vibrant by its many cafés as well. Zagreb Cathedral fascinating by its Gothic architecture, St. Mark’s Church with its perfectly designed ceramic ceiling frescos, the peaceful Tkalciceva Street closed to the traffic with its lovely and colorful houses, Maksimir Park as home to the oak trees of hundreds years old captivating by its zoo and various activity spaces within, and the Museum of Broken Relationships, where the personal objects remaining from failed relationships are exhibited, are among the top remarkable must-see spots in the capital. Moreover, do not also forget to see Plitvice Lake National Park, declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO. You may have a pleasant boat tour on the lake, or have a delightful day by following various walking or cycling tracks.

It is possible to transport between these spots easily as every destination in the capital is very close to each other. It would nevertheless be advisable to consider the option of car rental to set your own route during your stay. It would be advantageous to rent a car also to see different Croatian destinations.

Croatia also hosts one of the most charming cities in Adriatic. Dubrovnik is a top visited destination in Croatia by its famous fortresses, surrounding city walls, stone houses and deep blue sea. The Ancient City Walls built in the 13th century to protect Dubrovnik against the invasions from the sea is a crowd-pulling spot in the city. Stradun Street right behind the walls, Great Onofrio Fountain built in 1438 and the Dubrovnik Cathedral are other noteworthy attractions which should be seen definitely. However, the most attractive spot here is Lovrijenac Fortress, which served as a movie set for Game of Thrones. This structure which was built on the rocks 37 meters above the sea level is truly worth-seeing. Dubrovnik would be the ideal address to enjoy the turquoise sea in Dalmatian coast. Banje Beach is the most popular place to enjoy the sun and sea. Moreover, Lokrum Island, which is 10 minutes by boat, should also be seen as one of the most notable destinations in the country.

Another pretty city of Dalmatians, Split is a totally captivating coastal town, being in high demand especially in the summer. As a city close to many islands as well, Split is known for its brilliant beaches, as well as Diocletian Palace and Museum of Archeology, which are the most crowd-pulling spots.

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