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Flights to Denmark

Copenhagen Danish
Danish Krone 5,77 million
New Year (January 01), Good Friday (March 30), Easter (April 01-02), Labor Day (May 01), Ascension Day (May 10), Pentecost (May 20-21), Christmas (December 25-26)

Situated in the Northern Europe, Denmark is the smallest country in the Scandinavian Peninsula, known as one of the most verdant destinations worldwide. The country offers a total magical atmosphere by its people riding everywhere with bicycles despite the harsh weather conditions, together with its colorful and historical architecture, and its ports where giant ships come into. Ranking amongst the top happiest countries as well, Denmark promises a truly tranquil vacation to feel well rested. On the other hand, it hosts numerous attractions to visit especially for those preferring mobility, rather than taking peaceful rests.

Take a look at the flights to Denmark with Turkish Airlines now to enjoy a privileged journey of high quality and get ready for an adventure amongst the well-preserved historical artifacts, the heartwarming architecture despite the cold weather, as well as countless attractive museums and canals, and cities offering utterly different surprises in this pretty destination.

Flight Details

Denmark flight details

Turkish Airlines flies to four different destinations in Denmark: Aalborg, Aarhus, Billund and Copenhagen. Flights from Istanbul Airport (IST) to Denmark’s busiest airport in the capital Copenhagen, Kastrup Airport (CPH) take nearly three hours and thirty minutes. In addition to the airport in the capital, Aarhus Airport (AAR), Aalborg Airport (AAL) and Billund Airport (BLL) are the other busiest airports countrywide. Turkish Airlines passengers travelling to those Danish cities take connecting flights over Copenhagen to reach their destinations.

Denmark is an extremely cold country; such that, temperature does not go above 20 degrees even in the summertime. For this reason, Denmark is in high demand generally in summer, when the weather is convenient. However, Denmark is popular also in the Christmas, for those who do not mind the cold weather. Copenhagen hosts one of the most impressive Christmas markets of Europe every year as of November. Tents, concert stages and restaurants put up around the famous Tivoli Amusement Park are simply worth-seeing. Besides, Winter Jazz Music Festivals are held in February which last for three weeks. Those not interested listening jazz in cold weather, may prefer the Denmark Jazz Festival held in July for ten days as well.

Live music is a highly popular concept in Denmark. It is therefore very likely to encounter a festival here, irrespective of any season. Indie music festival Northside and Roskilde, the festival of art and music held in June offer a great chance to get the most out of the long and sunny days in the country. SPOT Festival offering the newest types of Nordic music, together with Copenhagen Opera Festival, Skagen Festival as one of the oldest festivals countrywide, and Stella Polaris, the mobile electronic festival taking place at many spots in the country, draw attention of a considerable number of music lovers.

Aalborg Carnival held in May arouses interest as one of the largest and colorful Scandinavian events. Aiming to celebrate the carnival traditions from all over the world, this festival offers a peerless experience.

In brief, Denmark manages to be in demand all year round by its festivals and heartwarming street events. If you are planning to book a flight to Denmark, it would be recommendable to set your plans in advance, taking into account all these vigorous festivals.

Attraction Points

Denmark sightseeing and attractions

Denmark’s capital Copenhagen is an enthralling destination offering peaceful landscapes to make you feel you are in the happiest country in the world by all its pretty colorful houses, Nyhavn Port of sailing ships and adorable canals. It is possible to travel the entire city by sea, including the handmade canal of 300 meters built by the Danish soldiers in 1671. You may see from the outside almost all remarkable spots in the city during a pleasant canal tour. Do not forget to visit the city’s oldest building dating back to 1681 in Nyhavn, the heart of the capital. This strip also including the house of the notable fairy tale author Andersen is probably the most attractive spot in Copenhagen. Make sure to also visit the city’s historical amusement park Tivoli Gardens. Established in 1843, this remarkable park hosts various rollercoasters, together with plentiful verdant spaces and tiny stores.

Denmark is home to tens of museums in a great harmony with its deep-rooted history. The most outstanding museum is the National Museum of Denmark in the capital Copenhagen. It is possible to witness the entire background of this beautiful country here, from the Stone Age to the Vikings, Medieval Age to the Renaissance. As one of the notable icons of Denmark, the Little Mermaid Statue built in commemoration of the fairy tale of the same name by Andersen, is in Langelinje Pier district of Copenhagen.

Note that it is possible to set a more comprehensive travel plan by a journey of a couple of hours from Copenhagen to other large cities countrywide like Aalborg, Aarhus and Billund. You may use the railway or buses for transporting between the cities. Another option would be renting a car to set your own route and see as many places as you wish during your stay.

You may see Legoland park at Lego’s capital Billund; visit ARoS, ten-storey art museum at Aarhus or try diving with the tropic sharks in the shark center at the city; head towards Aaalborg, the city full of art by its theaters, performance halls and museums; and see the giant “Man meets the Sea” statute in Esbjerg, the west coast of the country.

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