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Flights to Guinea

Conakry French
Guinean Franc 12,72 million
New Year (January 01), Labor Day (May 01), Africa Day (May 25), Christmas (December 25), Easter, Sacrifice Holiday, Ramadan Feast

Situated in Western Africa, Guinea shines out by its location along the Atlantic Ocean. Hosting nearly 20 ethnic groups, including but not limited to the Huli people who are one of the most closed societies worldwide, Guinea draws interest by its cultural prosperity as well as its enthralling nature. The country is in high demand, as both its natural beauties and ethnicity have successfully been preserved up to now. Having been a French colony for long years, Guinea has then gained its freedom by earning a livelihood from agriculture, mining and breeding and serves today as one of the rightest choices for those looking for an outstanding holiday experience.

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Flight Details

Guinea flight details

Flights to Guinea with Turkish Airlines take off from Istanbul Airport (IST) and land at Conakry Airport (CKY) in the capital. The duration of the direct flights to Guinea is 10 hours in average.

There are only two seasons effective in the country, where the temperature does not decrease much. Thanks to its favorable weather conditions, Guinea manages to be a great alternative during the cold months of winter.

People of Guinea are very devoted to their beliefs and traditions. A couple of events held for preserving and maintaining the country’s history, art and traditions are accordingly highly enjoyable. One of the most notable events in the country is Conte Art Festival, where the country’s most attractive plays are performed. Lasting throughout the last week of April, this festival also provides a chance to meet with the notable playwrights countrywide, as well as gathering together with street artists, authors, poets and journalists at various seminars and organizations to gain an insight into the country’s approach to art.

The most delightful festival countrywide is Macao Art Festival. Held in March and April, this festival bases on an interesting myth about a hunter looking for a drummer monkey. The festival hosts theater plays where other important myths countrywide are performed. The circus organized within the scope of this festival hosts many acrobats, dancers and musicians, offering an enjoyable atmosphere. International Kora and Cordes Music Festival taking place in December every year at the capital, on the other hand, is an attention-grabbing event to listen to the Guinean music of different genres.

Attraction Points

Guinea sightseeing and attractions

The capital Conakry is a port town by the Atlantic Ocean. As home to the majority of the population countrywide, the capital shines out as the center of culture – art and economy, as well as the most developed city in Guinea. Your first stop in the capital may be the National Museum, exhibiting the country’s traditional works of art. The museum is simply worth-seeing, hosting local costumes, attractive masks, ancient objects and many similar pieces, in addition to many objects remaining from the French colonial period.

The country’s icon, Presidential Palace is one of the top crowd-pulling spots in the capital, together with the country’s largest mosque, Conakry Grand Mosque. Moreover, the cuisine of Guinea is full of fresh seafood, as a result of its location along the ocean, which you may wish to try. Madina Market, the most vibrant spot in the city, would be an ideal place to try the palatable tastes of the local cuisine. The popular address for shopping, Madina is full of many local products, as well as various souvenirs to buy for your loved ones.

It is possible to witness Guinea’s breathtaking nature without moving away from the capital. Conakry Botanical Garden, known as the country’s source of oxygen is a fascinating natural garden where you can see closely a large number of exotic plant species.

It would be recommendable to consider the option of car rental in Guinea, so as to see all the natural marvels and move freely within the country during your stay. Thus, you may have a chance to visit also the remarkable Soumba Falls, which is only two hours drive away from the capital. This natural marvel invites you to experience unforgettable moments by its peaceful atmosphere, clear water and spectacular landscape.

Those interested in exploring the country’s natural gems influx also the Fouta Djallon, a plateau full of colorful blossoming flowers and trees of every shade of green. The site leaves indelible marks on every visitor by its splendid rivers and waterfalls and its picturesque view resembling the postcards. In addition, Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve as declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO is a brilliant national park covering a huge area of 17 thousand 540 hectares, as home to a large number of animal species. Although a considerable part of this park belongs to the Ivory Coast, this protected area is ideal for those fond of nature walks and mountaineering in Guinea.

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