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Flights to Kosovo

Pristina Albanian, Serbian
Euro 1,831 million
New Year (January 01), Orthodox Christmas (January 07), Independence Day (February 17), Easter (March), Constitution Day (April 09), Labor Day (May 01), Orthodox Easter (May 02), Europe Day (May 09), Ramadan Feast, Sacrifice Holiday, Christmas (December 25)

Kosovo is an attractive destination in the Balkans by its mountains rising on smooth planes, as well as its disputed background. As the world’s youngest country which was reborn from its ashes by declaring independence in February 2008, Kosovo is worth-seeing with its hospitable people and many artifacts listed in UNESCO World Heritage List.

Having been home to many civilizations throughout the history like Huns, Avars, and Bulgarians, as well as Roman and Ottoman Empires; conquered by the Serbians in Balkan War and Yugoslavia during the World War II, Kosovo naturally owns a multicultural fabric. This pretty country is highly appealing for culture lovers by its cumulative traditions over years, as well as its brand new face structured all over again.

Take a look at the flights to Kosovo with Turkish Airlines now to explore the deep-rooted history and brand new face of this pretty Balkan country and enjoy a privileged and safe journey up in the clouds.

Flight Details

Kosovo flight details

Flights with Turkish Airlines from Istanbul Airport (IST) to Pristina International Airport (PRN), the sole international airport countrywide in Kosovo’s capital Pristina, take nearly an hour and forty minutes.

The country with continental climate has cold and snowy winter season. Therefore, Kosovo is in demand mostly during the months of spring and summer. On the other hand, Kosovo aims to form its new face by a wide range of culture and art festivals, as a young country rising from its ashes. For this reason, not only the weather conditions but also the events taking place all year round have an important role in the popularity of the flights to Kosovo.

The broadest festival countrywide, Dokufest is held each year in the capital. The city turns into a feast during this festival with open-air cinemas, concerts and exhibitions. Kosovo is very attractive for those fond of cultural tourism as well. The Youth Festival, supporting the young artists in the Balkans and offering a chance to witness the traditions remaining from the past; the Wake up with Art Festival gathering together the Balkan artists; Animated Movies Festival and KosovoFest, as the country’s largest music organization are the most crowd-pulling events held countrywide.

Book your flight to Kosovo without delay to start planning your adventure for witnessing the country’s multicultural fabric blending the new perfectly with the old.

Attraction Points

Kosovo sightseeing and attractions

Having been a cradle of numerous civilizations by its history and location, Kosovo is home to many ancient and historical artifacts. The capital Pristina is an old town established during the Ottoman Empire. This adorable city as a cultural mosaic hosts many must-see spots to visit. The Newborn Monument, a typographic structure built in honor of the independence of the country is one of the most remarkable attractions in the city, serving as an icon. Kosovo National Museum which was founded in 1949, together with Fatih (Imperial) Mosque remaining from the Ottoman Empire, and the glorious Gracnica Monastery declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO are only a few worth-seeing spots in the capital.

Prizren, which is known as an ancient settlement dating back to the 2nd century B.C., is another Kosovo destination fascinating by its historic charm. Having served as a capital to the Serbian Empire, the city offers many outstanding attractions, including but not limited to the Stone Bridge remaining from the 15th century, Cuma Mosque, Prizren Clock Tower, Saint Spas Church and the Turkish Bath of Semseddin Ahmed.

It would be recommendable to consider the option of car rental for visiting comfortably every spot and destination and exploring each tiny detail during your visit to this small country of Kosovo.

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