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Flights to Madagaskar

Antananarivo French, Malagasy
Malagasy Ariari 25,57 million
New Year (January 01), Martyrs’ Day (March 29), Easter (April), Labor Day (May 01), Ascension Day (May 05), Pentecost (May 15), Independence Day (June 26), Assumption of Mary (August 15), All Saints’ Day (November 01), Christmas (December 25)

A country in the east of Africa on Indian Ocean, Madagascar is regarded as the fourth largest island worldwide. This island country shines out as a heartwarming alternative in the cold winter days by its peerless nature and colorful life. Although the country hosts numerous national parks and plant species, its distinctive characteristic is that 99% of the species it is home to only exist on this island.

Often cited as “Great Red Island” because of the prominence of red lateritic soils, Madagascar looks forward to welcoming you with its breathtaking nature, one of a kind species and natural marvels. If you are interested in an extraordinary vacation, take a look at the flights to Madagascar offered by Turkish Airlines now to set your plan for embarking on a magical adventure.

Flight Details

Madagaskar flight details

Direct flights by Turkish Airlines from Istanbul Airport (IST) to Ivato International Airport (TNR) in Madagascar’s capital Antananarivo take nearly 13 hours. There are only two seasons effective in Madagascar. Dry and hot climate is dominant between May and October, whereas the weather is warm and relatively rainy between November and April. Nevertheless, it would not be right to generalize the climatic conditions in this tropical island. The country with a hot and warm weather all the time is therefore visited all year round, regardless of the seasons.

In addition to its heavenly nature, this warm tropical island is also known for various distinctive festivals and events you would love to see. Alahamadi Be, the traditional New Year in the island, would be the best opportunity to see closer the local culture, which is celebrated in March for two days with traditional music and dances.

The most attention-grabbing cultural event in Madagascar is Santabary Festival. Held in April and May, this festival is celebrated with huge enthusiasm through shows, traditional costumes and music commemorating the ancient roots of the island. Donia Music Festival, on the other hand, stands out as the most crowded and attracting event countrywide, where you can listen to the best tracks of local music, attend sportive and cultural activities. Organized at Nosy Be in September, this festival lasts for a couple of weeks, welcoming more than 40 thousand visitors. Another remarkable event is Madajazzcar held in October every year. Lasting for two weeks, this festival fills the streets of capital with the melodies of international jazz performers.

Attraction Points

Madagaskar sightseeing and attractions

Madagascar truly is full of attractions. It would be best to start your sightseeing tour from the capital Antananarivo. As the largest city in the island as well, the capital serves as the political, economic and cultural center of Madagascar. The city is situated on two pretty hills and is home to universities, nightclubs and art centers as the heart of the country.

The most popular historic spot in the city is the Rova (Palace) of Antananarivo built exclusively for Queen Ranavalona in the 17th century. This royal complex which was highly damaged by a fire in 1995, was then restored basing on its original structure and today serves as a popular attraction worth-seeing by its splendid garden. Another building to witness the city’s one of a kind architecture is the Andafiavaratra Palace. Situated in the highest hill of the capital, this bright red colored palace with Baroque style architecture has been used as a property of government for many years, serving as a museum with a rich collection of archeological works today.

Although Madagascar has started settled life later than many other lands, it hosts countless historic spots and enthralling architectural artifacts. Ambohimanga Rova, Madagascar Royal Family Tomb, Antuhumadinika Mosque, Museum of Archeology and Mahamisina Stadium are among the top glorious buildings in the country. Even though it is exciting to witness the historic side of Madagascar with impressing buildings, artifacts and museums, the top remarkable must-see spot in the island, where you can witness the distinctive character of this beautiful country is doubtlessly Tsimbazaza Zoo. Here, you may see closer the species of lemur and turtle specific to only Madagascar, together with exotic birds of legendary beauty. Moreover, you may also visit Malagasy Academics Museum inside to see the archeological remains of the former inhabitants. If you are also interested in visiting this African city resembling a European destination, book your flight to Antananarivo without delay to set your travel in advance.

National parks are the most outstanding spots which should definitely be seen in Madagascar. Isalo National Park that can be visited via natural tours of couple of days is a natural habitat. It is accordingly very likely to see lemurs, reptiles, chameleons or tortoises freely in their habitats. You may also prefer to go camping in the unique nature of Madagascar with guided tours to get lost in tranquility and nature. Masoala National Park, on the other hand, is a giant area covered with rainforests, which would be another ideal spot to the see the wildlife specific to Madagascar. Moreover, this national park also offers facilities to perform water and underwater sports.

Island also offers numerous locations for those wishing to have an unforgettable sea vacation enjoying the deep blue sea and crystal sands of Madagascar. The most popular and touristic destination for a holiday full of sun and sea is certainly the Nosy Be Island in the northwestern part of the country. This region, which is a passageway for whales, also hosts the ylang-ylang trees that are of a vital importance for the national economy.

Apart from Nosy Be Island remarkable for its rainforests and crystal sands at the foothills of Amber Mountain, another place to enjoy the splendid beaches and deep blue ocean is Sambava. If you happen to be in Sambava between July and October, you may have a chance to see the humpback whales swimming here. Moreover, Ile Sainte Marie is another attention-grabbing destination, which used to be the favorite spot of the pirates in the 17th century. Truly resembling a paradise by its crystal sands and splendid verdant nature, Sainte Marie offers a wide range of alternatives for water sports as well. Make sure to try diving here to see the sunken pirate ships.

Madagascar offers countless enthralling places and attractions to see and experience brilliant moments. The sole natural harbor in the east coast, Tamatave is famous for its tropical beaches with beautiful reefs, whereas Baobab Road would be an ideal choice for nature lovers for having a pleasant time walking under the shades of Baobab trees of 800 years. Make sure to also climb the Royal Hill of Ambohimanga, regarded as the most sacred spot which had been home to the royals of the country for 500 years.

It would be recommendable to rent a car to see every charm this spectacular island offers and ensure a smooth transport during your stay.

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