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Flights to Nepal

Kathmandu Nepali, Bhojpuri
Nepalese Rupee 28,98 million
Maghe Sankranti (January 15), Shahid Diwas (January 30), Sonam Losar (February 09), Saraswati Puja (February 13), Prajatantra Diwas (February 19), Maha Shivaratri (March 07), Women’s Day (March 08), Fagu Purnima (March 22), Nava Barsa (April 13), Majdur Diwas (May 01), Buddha Jayanti (May 21), Ganatantra Diwas (May 28)

Situated on a point where Eurasia meets India, Nepal is in high demand all year round as one of the most riveting Asian countries. The most popular spot in the country is without a doubt the Mount Everest, flooded by millions of tourists throughout the year as the highest mountain worldwide. Kathmandu Valley, which has been a cradle of civilizations since the ancient ages, hosts hundreds of monuments and temples as one of the most popular destinations in the country. Natural reserve areas like Chitwan, natural and outdoor sporting opportunities in Everest, together with the local community’s naive way of life attract great attention and turn into a touristic demand doubling Nepal’s modest population.

Take a look at the flights to Nepal now and book your ticket to this marvelous destination ranking among the top spots of many travelers.

Flight Details

Nepal flight details

Turkish Airlines flies to Tribhuvan International Airport (KTM) in Kathmandu, which is the sole international airport serving in Nepal. Direct flights from Istanbul Airport (IST) take nearly seven hours.

Nepal is a country with extremely traditional rituals. For this reason, the ethnical style in its festivals is very appealing to those wishing to acquaint themselves with the region and culture. The remarkable feasts and festivals countrywide are held with huge participation from all over the world. The festival of lights, Tihar, together with Dashain which celebrates the defeat of the demon, are amongst the two attention-grabbing festivals popular countrywide. Celebrating the Buddha’s birthday, Buddha Jayanti is held with a totally big event during May and June which is the pilgrimage season. Gaijatra, Nepal’s Cow Festival is another notable national festival taking place in August. Many festivals, including but not limited to Shee Krishna Janmastami, Indrajatra, and Mahashivarathi are held enthusiastically with huge participation in an entertaining atmosphere.

A great number of tourists from all nations visit the country especially during these colorful festivals to enrich their experiences. Review the flights to Kathmandu now offered by Turkish Airlines and set your travel plan to get a chance to enjoy this one of a kind atmosphere.

Attraction Points

Nepal sightseeing and attractions

The capital Kathmandu generally serves as a first stop for those travelling to Nepal. Succeeded in preserving the traces of its history of 2000 years up until now, the capital shines out as a destination with common grounds in Hinduism and Buddhism, even though it owns a cosmopolite structure. The most remarkable of the numerous temples in the city, Swayambhunath attracts great attention as a Tibetan Buddhism temple where Buddhahood is thought. Narayanhity Palace, Matseyendranath Temple, Garden of Dreams, Pashupatinanth Temple and Kumari Ghar are other notable touristic destinations in the city. If you are interested in taking cultural tours and enjoying the magical atmosphere, then the capital Kathmandu is an ideal place for you to explore every corner with the symbols of Buddhism belief all around.

As another brilliant alternative for culture and nature tours, Lalitpur is amongst the largest cities countrywide. Located 765 kilometers from the capital, this city hosts a wide range of religious and historical artifacts. Durbar Square serves as the most popular spot in the city which is under protection by UNESCO as a home to an utterly rich heritage. Uku Bahal and Hiranayavarna Makavikar, which is known as the Golden Temple, are the notable must-see icons in the city.

The most popular destination, Mount Everest is the peak many mountaineers dream of with its height of 8848 meters. As the favorite spot for the tourists interested in outdoor sports, Everest is a meeting point for those who like sports as well as the photography fanciers, offering breathtaking views to be photographed. There are authorized and guided mountain climbing activities taking place in the region. Moreover, the region offers a couple of camping opportunities at different levels, as well as touristic activities which do not require hiking.

Another destination in the country included in UNESCO World Heritage List is Chitwan National Park. As a home to many species, this natural habitat is an extremely large and impressive national park covering an area of more than 935 km2. As a highly popular spot for nature lovers, photography fanciers and those interested in wild life as well, the National Park is accompanied by influx of guests throughout the year.

You may benefit from the public transport vehicles, as well as the flights between the cities and buses to visit many enjoyable spots of Nepal during your stay. You may also take the cabs or consider renting a car for a more private transportation.

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