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Flights to Qatar

Doha Arabic
Qatar Riyal 2,8 million
Hijri New Year's Eve, Eid-al Fitr, Eid al-Adha, Qatar National Day
Qatar provides visa convenience to its visitors: Citizens of more than 80 countries enjoy visa-free entry to Qatar, including individuals who hold a valid passport from the Republic of Türkiye.

A peninsular country with borders along the Persian Gulf, Qatar is among the world’s richest nations, thanks to its underground resources, mainly natural gas and oil. Qatar, the world’s most urbanized country with 99.2% urbanization and only 15% of the total population is Qatari, is a real center of attraction for foreign workers. Welcoming many foreign tourists, Qatar promises a unique holiday experience with luxury accommodations, dive centers and desert safaris.

Flight Details

Flights to Qatar

Doha Hamad International Airport (HIA), located in the capital Doha, is one of the most luxurious airports in the world. Recognized internationally with numerous awards, the airport houses an art gallery featuring modern art from around the world.

Turkish Airlines operates at least one flight daily from İstanbul Airport to Doha. İstanbul - Doha flights take around four to four and a half hours.

Although Qatar, especially Doha, draws visitors throughout the year, spring and autumn are preferred due to more temperate weather.

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Places to visit in Qatar

The country’s most touristed cities are its capital, Doha, along with Dukhan and Al Wakrah. In addition to numerous entertainment centers and accommodation options, these cities offer natural and cultural sites.

Doha, set along the Doha Bay, features huge skyscrapers and colorful sunsets. The city is growing rapidly and is a favored holiday destination for luxury holiday concepts. Known for its modern facilities, world-class restaurants and upscale shopping centers, the city offers urban amenities alongside local culture and traditions, as seen particularly in the old bazaar area known as Souq Waqif.

The Pearl, a collection of artificial islands, is a prominent tourist attraction in Qatar. Drawing attention with its oyster- and pearl-shaped architecture, the Pearl is an homage to Doha’s ancient pearl trade. The Corniche area of the city is a pleasant space merging parks and coastline; the Museum of Islamic Art, considered one of the most important points in Doha, is here. Other points of interest are the skyscrapers of the West Bay area, as well as Katara Cultural Village and the Imam Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab Mosque.

Standing out among the major cities of Qatar, Dukhan is 80 kilometers from the capital. The city, one of the most important centers of the country’s economy, has exclusive shopping venues and golden beaches. In Al Wakrah, structures such as the Al Wakrah Museum and the Abu Manaratain Mosque attract visitors.

Getting around Qatar

In addition to public transportation, taxis are among the most preferred transportation option in Qatar. In Doha, many areas are accessible via Mowasalat-operated buses and metro lines. The Karwa Smart Card, available at Hamad International Airport, is used for public transportation. Details and schedule of Doha’s public transport services can be found via the link.

Car rentals are also available for visitors seeking more flexible transportation. You can visit our page to review car rental options with the extra Miles advantages of Turkish Airlines and to complete your reservation.

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