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Flights to Seychelles

Victoria English, French
Seychellois Rupee 95,843 million
New Year (January 01), March Equinox (March 20), Easter (varies by the year), Labor Day (May 01), Good Friday (varies by the year), Corpus Christi (May 31), Constitution Day (June 18), National Day (June 29), Assumption Day (August 15), All Saints’ Day (November 01), Christmas (December 25)

Seychelles, officially the Republic of Seychelles is a country in the Indian Ocean with its more than 115 islands. As the favorite destination also for the honeymooners by its exotic beaches and colorful culture, Seychelles brings in millions of tourists each year by its peaceful turquoise sea, its crystal sands, volcanic rock formations beyond comparison, corals and sunsets resembling a visual feast.

Take a look at the flights to Seychelles offered by Turkish Airlines now to take the first step to make your dreams come true if you are looking forward to explore this country of exotic islands with tropical climate and swim with pleasure in the turquoise bright sea.

Flight Details

Seychelles flight details

Flights with Turkish Airlines to Seychelles take off from Istanbul Airport (IST) and land at Seychelles International Airport (SEZ). Ongoing all year round on a regular basis, these direct flights take nearly eight hours and thirty minutes.

It would be advisable to visit the country between June and November to enjoy fully the wonderful weather. Known as the most significant festival in Seychelles, Kreol Festival takes place during this period as well. Held in October, the festival is organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Celebrated ceaselessly for one week with enthusiastic dances and colorful costumes, this festival is a great opportunity for getting to know the country’s culture closer.

International Victoria Carnival held in February each year is another remarkable event, attracting visitors from all over the world. The festival colors up Mahe entirely and lasts for three days, celebrating the cultural diversity Seychelles harbors. Along with the parades all over the streets, all hotels in the island organize events exclusive for tourists in the magical atmosphere of the carnival. Another event held in Mahe is Subios Underwater Festival, which takes place in October. As an exciting reason to visit Seychelles, this festival is held at Beau Vallon, one of the most popular coasts countrywide. Aiming to draw attention to the importance of underwater life, Subios Underwater Festival succeeds in enthralling its participants by the world under the deep blue seas.

Streets overflowing with vivacious parades and colorful celebrations go perfectly together with the spirit of this charming country. Holly Week would be an ideal model to observe such harmony, which is celebrated during Easter with traditional dishes and wonderful music. Moreover, you may have a chance to witness extremely enthusiastic moments in June 29, Day of Independence, celebrated every year in commemoration of the islands' independence from the British colony.

Start planning your travel without delay if you are also dreaming of a magical vacation at Seychelles remarkable for its splendid beaches, verdant nature, unique cuisine with a wide range of palatable seafood and colorful festivals.

Attraction Points

Seychelles sightseeing and attractions

As the capital and the largest city in Seychelles, Victoria is situated on Mahe, country’s largest island. You may swim with the most colorful fish of the tropical waters, or try doing water sports in Mahe, hosting beaches of legendary beauty. Tempio Temple, a tiny Hindu temple utterly impressive by its architecture in the world’s smallest capital, together with the city’s icon Clock Tower and Victoria Market where you can find a wide range of fruits, vegetables and fish specific to the island, are the noteworthy spots to be visited in the capital. In addition, you may visit Victoria Botanic Gardens to see the best types of the tropical flora, shop at Bay Selwyn Clarke market, witness the island’s history in the Former British Court and National Museum.

The Praslin Island is the most visited and attractive island, following the Mahe Island where capital is located. Declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the island hosts the world’s largest coconut palms, as well as Aldabra, world’s largest coral atoll. Besides, Praslin appeals to the visitors by its brilliant coasts as well. Anze Lazio, where you will encounter giant turtles in the entry, and Anse Georgette surrounded by granite rocks are only a few outstanding beaches in this island. Another site in Praslin included in UNESCO World Heritage List is Valle de Mai Forests. Being the country’s popular spot, this forest is home to palms exceeding 35 meters, as well as the black parrots that are found only in this enchanting forest.

Moyenne Island where there is no human life, offering a living experience in a deserted island; St. Anne Marine National Sea Park, a popular diving center to swim along coral reefs with thousands of tropical fish species, and Morne Seychelles National Park to have a tranquil trekking in the nature by the tropical green of the island are other top favorite tourist attractions in the country.

Transportation between the islands in Seychelles is provided generally by boats. You may prefer the buses for transportation within the island. Nevertheless, it would be advantageous to rent a car to ensure a smooth transport during your stay.

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