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Elevate Your Miles with utu on your VAT refund!

In partnership with utu, we are delighted to extend your VAT Rewards privileges tailored to your membership. Through this exclusive Status Match program, your Miles&Smiles status will be matched with utu status which allows you to enjoy more Miles:

How to match your Miles&Smiles membership with utu?

  1. Click "Claim Status" button to accept your utu membership.
  2. Download utu app and log in using your registered email on your Miles&Smiles account and temporary password sent to your email.
  3. Your status match is complete – Enjoy more Miles now in Miles&Smiles .
  4. Remember to use the utu Tax Free Card to receive your VAT refunds and unlock more value. 
Miles&Smiles Status utu Membership Tier Benefit
Elite Plus Platinum 40%
Elite Gold 35%
Classic Plus Silver 30%
Classic Silver* 30%

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