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Extending membership status

If you haven't earned the required number of Miles to extend your Miles&Smiles Classic Plus, Elite or Elite Plus membership status, we have just the feature for you. You can purchase 1,000 Miles via the Turkish Airlines website for USD 70, including VAT.


  • Classic Plus members can purchase up to 5,000 Status Miles to extend their membership status within two years of reaching that membership status, while Elite and Elite Plus members can purchase up to 10,000 Status Miles.
  • For Classic Plus, Elite and Elite Plus card holders to purchase Status Miles in order to extend their membership status, they must purchase the Miles before the expiration date of their membership (within the second year of membership).
  • It is not possible to purchase Status Mile retrospectively to extend a membership status which has already changed.
  • Purchased Status Miles will not affect a member’s total Mile balance.
  • Miles purchased as Status Miles and the fees paid for these cannot be refunded.
  • A fee of USD 70 will be charged for every 1,000 Status Miles purchased.
  • Miles will be sold in quantities of 1,000 Miles.
  • Flights which have been ticketed, even if within a membership period, will not be taken into account when calculating Mile balances. Flights must have be boarded and completed for those Miles to be included in Mile calculations.
  • Purchased Status Miles are subject to the Miles&Smiles program terms and conditions.
  • Status Miles purchase via the Turkish Airlines website will be credited to the member’s account immediately.
  • A confirmation e-mail and SMS will be sent once Status Miles have been credited to a member's account.