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CarrefourSA, which started its activities as the leading brand of the retail sector as a result of the partnership established by the French multinational retailer Carrefour and Sabancı Holding in Turkey in 1996, operates with a total of 617 markets in 53 provinces, 29 of which are Hyper with motto of ‘Customer First’.

If you need miles, come to CarrefourSA!

Earn 200 Miles for every 400 TL and above shopping you make at a time in accordance with the campaign conditions at CarrefourSA!

Our customers who successfully participate in the campaign will earn 200 Miles for each purchases of 400 TL and more they make at a time at any CarrefourSA in accordance with the rules of the campaign.

Campaign participation

Customers who want to participate in the campaign must send an SMS to 4604 by typing “MIL“ or by clicking the “CarrefourSA - Turkish Airlines Join the Campaign” button on

The customers who are included in the campaign by sending SMS will be sent a confirmation SMS to the mobile phone which they have requested participation and the purchases to be made after the confirmation SMS will be evaluated within the scope of the campaign.

  • Participations to be made as of August 1, 2019 will be taken into consideration.
  • Each customer will be able to earn a maximum of 200 Miles on the same day.
  • Each customer (CarrefourSA card holders) will be able to earn 200 Miles per day and earn a maximum of 6,000 Miles during the month, provided that they are on different days in the relevant month.
  • On order to benefit from the campaign, the customer must have a CarrefourSA Card and be a member of the Miles & Smiles Passenger Program.
  • A CarrefourSA Card can be paired with only one Miles & Smiles membership at a time.
  • Card numbers matched under the campaign cannot be changed during this campaign.
  • If the mobile phone number from which the customer has sended SMS is not registered in the CarrefourSA Card program, the customer's CarrefourSA Card membership process will be initiated and the mobile phone number will be matched with the CarrefourSA card..
  • Since alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, GSM TL loading expenses and jewelry shopping are not within the scope of the campaign, will not be taken into account when calculating the amount of shopping subject to the campaign.
  • If points/gift cards/corporate checks/return checks are used during payment, these amounts will be deducted from the total voucher amount and the balance amount will be accepted as the shopping amount within the scope of the campaign..
  • Purchases made from the mobile application and CarrefourSA are also not included in the campaign.
  • In order for the purchases made to be included in the campaign, all purchases should be made with the approved mobile phone number or the linked CarrefourSA Card (Standard, Venus and Platinum). Commercial Cards and other discount cards cannot be used in the campaign.
  • Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles bonus miles earned will be credited to the customer's Miles&Smiles membership number on the 3rd business day of the following month.
  • Customers who start earning miles within the scope of the campaign will not be able to benefit from other CarrefourSA card-related points campaigns carried out by CarrefourSA during their participation in the CarrefourSA THY miles campaign. In brief, a customer will not be able to earn both Miles and CarrefourSA points at the same time.
  • Customers who successfully quit the campaign will be able to benefit from CarrefourSA points campaigns as of the first day of the following month with their CarrefourSA Card linked to their mobile phone number.
  • The transactions of the customers who request to quit the CarrefourSA Mile program by sending an SMS to ’MIL CANCEL 46 to 4604 will be processed at the end of the month. Miles can be earned from the purchases to be made until the end of the month in which the request is made.
  • Customers participating in the campaign are deemed to have completely accepted the above mentioned conditions completely.
  • CarrefourSA and Turkish Airlines reserve the right to suspend, terminate and change the scope and conditions of the campaign..
  • For more information, click or call 444 10 00, 444 0 849.