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Take a vacation with prontotour and earn thousand Miles!

Prontotour Mileage Accrual Terms and Conditions 

  • Members of Miles&Smiles program will earn 1 mile per 1 EUR spent on online purchases at for domestic and international package tours and for cruise tours.
  • The campaign is applicable for minimum expenditures of 750 TL for domestic tours and 250 EUR for international tours, and for package tours starting only between June 1st and June 30th, 2016.
  • You will earn bonus Miles for additional service charges included in international tour packages, such as airport taxes, visas and travel insurance. 
  • Tour purchases made on are included in the campaign. The campaign is not applicable for reservations made by sub-agents and sales offices. 
  • Bonus Miles cannot be earned simultaneously with other campaigns for special campaigns that are applicable on agreements with corporate firms and for online purchases on the website. Only one of the campaigns can be used, the choice may subject to be chosen by the participant’s will. 
  • Bonus Miles cannot be earned only-flight tickets or only-hotel purchases. These are not included in the campaign. Bonus Miles can be earned on package tours where there flight fee is included in total charges. 
  • Bonus Miles cannot be earned on personal expenditures abroad, extra services at hotels, and fees for optional sightseeing tours in destinations.
  • Miles will be given on the basis of the total payment amount for the cardholder in the tour package and according to the figures specified in the table. Bonus Miles will be given for the amount paid for the cardholder’s stay even if the cardholder pays for the other visitors staying in the same room or for any other rooms used by the same group. Every cardholder in the group will earn bonus Miles that is equal to the amount paid for them. Bonus Miles are earned on personal basis. In such purchases, a purchased package cannot be cancelled when the whole amount paid by the cardholder for other persons cannot be turned into Bonus Miles on the personal card of the cardholder. 
  • If the visitor purchasing a tour package does not have a personal Miles&Smiles card, then the campaign will not be applicable. The earned mileage cannot be transferred to third parties, even if they are immediate family members, and Miles cannot be loaded to the Miles&Smiles card of persons other than the cardholders who are registered in the tour package. 
  • This campaign is exclusive to the members of Miles&Smiles, Turkish Airlines’ Special Flyer Program. Miles cannot be earned for other carriers, different Mile cards or Mile loyalty programs of banks. These are not included in the campaign. 
  • Bonus Miles earned on tour packages which are purchased on will be loaded to the accounts of the visitors approximately 45 days after the month succeeding the date of check-out from the hotel or the return date of the tour. 
  • In package tours using Turkish Airlines’ flights, the flyers who declare their Miles&Smiles cards when boarding, will also earn Miles from Turkish Airlines at the amounts that are specified by Turkish Airlines as flight miles for the destination. (Rarely in package tours, Turkish Airlines may not give extra Miles due to promotional fares offered for some groups (at 2%). 
  • While purchasing tour packages online, typing errors in Miles&Smiles membership numbers or Member names or surnames on the website may result a delay in loading Bonus Miles. 
  • Prontotour cannot be held responsible for delays resulting from typing errors made by the visitor or sales officer. Prontotour may, when necessary, request submitting the original Miles&Smiles card that is used for online purchases.