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Flights to Qatar

Doha Arabic
Qatar Riyal 2,57 million
Islamic New Year (January), National Sports Day (February), Early March Bank Holiday (March), Ramadan Feast, Sacrifice Holiday, National Day (December 18)

Surrounded by the Persian Gulf, Qatar is an Arab country located on Qatar Peninsula. Ranking among the richest countries worldwide financially by its natural gas and petroleum reserves, Qatar’s glorious presence enthralls everyone. The country’s local population is limited to only 300 thousand people, Qatar mostly hosts foreign nationals. Situated by deserts on one side and the virgin sands of Persian Gulf on the other, Qatar prefers not to interfere in the private lives of its guests. As a country with a highly advanced service sector, Qatar offers an enjoyable vacation to its visitors by a large number of tourist facilities of high quality. You may spend the day diving in the Gulf or joining the safari tours in the desert, walking around the shopping malls and watching the live shows organized exclusively for you at your hotel in the evenings to enjoy fully your vacation at this splendid country.

Flight Details

Qatar flight details

There is a single airport serving internationally at Qatar: Doha Hamad International Airport (DOH) in the capital Doha.

Direct flights operated by Turkish Airlines from Istanbul Airport (IST) to Doha Hamad International Airport (DOH) take nearly four to four and a half hours.

Outstanding by its natural diversity and the comfort it offers to its guests, Qatar is in high demand all year round. As an Arab country where all religious feasts of the Islamic world are celebrated with great enchantment, Qatar hosts international organizations as well, with huge participation from the countries all over the world. The most attended organization held countywide is the Annual Doha Cultural Festival, which takes place by various cultural activities such as music, theater, dance and poetry in every March.

Wakeboard World Cup and Water Ski Championships Men are held in April, and the country is high in demand during this season as well. Qatar Summer Festival, which takes place in June and enlivens the country for two months, is celebrated through fun and colorful events all over the country. Qatar International Food Festival which is held in this season is another attention-grabbing organization taking place in Qatar.

If you also wish to experience the enchanting atmosphere of these entertaining festivals and events, you may book your flight to Qatar without delay and enjoy a privileged and comfortable journey with Turkish Airlines.

Attraction Points

Qatar sightseeing and attractions

The capital Doha, together with Dukhan and Al Wakrah are among the top visited Qatar cities throughout the year. These popular cities get credit by their rich natural beauties, traces reflecting the country’s history and diversified events and cultures offered geographically by their region.

Doha offers a spectacular view especially at the evening hours, with its lights coloring the gulf as well as its giant skyscrapers. Spanning its boundaries gradually, Doha is an outstanding destination particularly for those interested in luxurious holiday, as well as the honeymoon couples looking for both luxury and romance. The city full of gorgeous facilities, elegant restaurants and modern shopping malls is utterly ideal for the guests planning a vacation close to the metropolis life. Souq Waqif, the Old Bazaar district is the best place to try the local tastes and get to know the local culture better.

A group of artificial islands named The Pearl is among the most crowd-pulling destinations in capital Doha, which is a project site shaped as oyster and pearl. As a city which used to maintain its life by pearl hunting in the past, this site is regarded as the respect today’s wealthy Doha shows to its past. Corniche district in the city is a pleasant living space embracing the verdant parks and beautiful coastline. Doha Islamic Art Museum situated in this district is another remarkable cultural spot in the city. Skyscrapers in West Bay district, Katara Cultural Village and Imam Mohammed Bin Abdulvahap Mosque are the other centers of attraction the city harbors.

Shining out as one of the largest cities countrywide, Dukhan is located 60 kilometers from the capital Doha and preferred mostly for business and shopping trips. Al Wakrah is also regarded among the largest cities of Qatar and welcomes many visitors throughout the year. Al Wakrah Museum and Abu Manaratain Mosque are the remarkable must-see spots in the city.

Public transportation in the country serves only for Qatari people; it would therefore be best to rent a car to ensure a smooth and comfortable transport during your stay. You may have a look at the car rental options to see your alternatives for the most convenient vehicle.

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