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Located in the southeastern France, Lyon is the third largest city in the country. As a city with a high historical value, Lyon has been regarded as the heart of silk-weaving industry for many years and shines out as the most assertive destination countrywide about gastronomy as well. French cinematography, which was developed in Lyon by the legendary filmmakers, Lumiere Brothers gets credit worldwide as a major cult in its own style. Lyon stands out in a spectacular charm when the enchanting details offered by the historic fabric of this admirable city embrace its lyrical view between Rhone and Saone Rivers.

If you are looking for a privileged flight of high quality from Lyon, the remarkable European city with its high economic level and planned urbanization, to Beirut, the renewed coastal town of the Middle East, take a look at the flights from Lyon by Turkish Airlines now and start planning your journey.

Turkish Airlines offers 10 different flight alternatives in average on a daily basis from Lyon to Beirut. All flights in this route are operated as connecting over Istanbul Airport (IST) and there may be seasonal changes on the number of flights throughout the year.

The duration of Turkish Airlines flights from Lyon to Beirut may vary by the layover at Istanbul, ranging from seven to twenty eight hours. Note that it is possible to turn your layover at this magnificent European city, Istanbul into a memorable experience. You may have a chance to swiftly discover the city via the sightseeing service Touristanbul offered complimentary by Turkish Airlines for its passengers with a layover between 6 and 24 hours.

From: Lyon

Turkish Airlines Lyon Flights

Lyon, with an increasing popularity each passing day, is home to numerous places where the Renaissance movement had major effects. The historical district Old Lyon (Vieux Lyon), which is included in UNESCO World Heritage List, is one of the notable spots in the city with its location by Saone River. Enlivening its silhouette with the pretty bridges all over, Lyon remains as an utterly crowd-pulling destination hosting various events and vibrant organizations all year round.

As one of the most assertive cities of French cuisine, this lovely city hosts gastronomy tours organized from all over the world, thanks to the marvelous cafés and restaurants serving in the town.

The sole airport serving in the city, Lyon Saint Exupery Airport (LYS) is 25 kilometers from the city center.

Transportation to Lyon Saint Exupery Airport (LYS)

Offering public transport service, Rhonexpress line would be a practical alternative for reaching Lyon Saint Exupery Airport (LYS). These trains serve from Part-Dieu Lyon station in every 15 minutes and reach the airport within nearly thirty minutes.

Another alternative is the cabs which serve 7/24 all around the city.

Destination: Beirut

Turkish Airlines Beirut Flights

As the shining star of the Middle East, Beirut has managed to stand out as one of the modern cities of its region by rapidly growing after the civil war. The city is taking firm steps forward in being a more popular destination each passing day with its location by the Mediterranean Sea, cultural mosaic consisting of people from different religions and sects, verdant parks and fully refurbished modern avenues around the bombed buildings, along with its history and natural beauties. Lebanon’s capital, Beirut ceaselessly continues progressing on the banks of Beirut River with its history of 5000 years.

The city hosts a single airport. Rafic Hariri International Airport (BEY) is seven kilometers from the city center.

Transportation from Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport (BEY) to the city center

There is no official public transport service for reaching the center from Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport (BEY). You may use the cabs serving in the airport for reaching anywhere in the city center.

Private minibuses would be another option serving right on the way out the airport. As there are no certain stops for minibuses, you may simply wave your hand to get on or off.

It would be best to schedule a transfer service prior to your visit so as to ensure a smooth and comfortable transport from Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport (BEY) to the city center. You may consult your hotel and/or place of accommodation for possible transfer opportunities.

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