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Bimeks is the only company to have offered a best price guarantee since 1990. It also offers rewards to Miles&Smiles members, who earn 1Mile for every TRY 4 spent while shopping at Bimeks, Turkey’s leading technology chain.

As Turkey’s first technology store, Bimeks plays a leading role in bringing technology to Turkey'sretail market.

Standing out from the rest of the technology sector for its retail approach and practices, Bimeks is also the only technology retailer to award free Miles for purchases as well as a best price guarantee. If the price of any product drops within three days of being purchased, the difference is paid back as “Bipara”. The “Biterfi” package enables customers to upgrade their purchases to the next model in return for a specified commission. The “Bidakka” service, which is available from the online shopping portal, offers delivery times of 30-180 minutes, making Bimeks the world’s fastest technology retail company.

For more detailed information, please visit the Bimeks website.