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Let Your 2017 New Year Wish will be Health and Beauty, Earn double Miles!

Give yourself and your loved ones the most special gift and earn double Miles with our Memorial New Year Programs that offer special privileges. 

Special Privileged Services that you can earn double Miles; 

Check-up Programs; 

  • Female Check-up Programs 
  • Male Check-up Programs 

Dermatology Procedures; 

  • Botox, Filler, 
  • Chemical Peeling, 
  • Skin care, 
  • PRP, 
  • Mesotherapy ... 

Laser Hair Removal Procedures 

  • The offer is valid until 15.01.2017 
  • 1000 Miles in examinations and procedures costing 400 TL and more. 
  • The earned Miles will be valid for the service amount incurred on the same day. 
  • Miles are earned in all branches in which you will be treated on outpatient basis. 
  • The earned Miles are also valid for the card holder’s relatives of first degree (mother, father, spouse, children). 
  • Miles are only earned during cash or credit card payments. 
  • Showing your Miles&Smiles card and TK number during the payment is sufficient for earning Miles during your health expenses. 
  • This offer is valid for Memorial Hospitals