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Let your medical expenditures turn into Miles!

Members of Miles&Smiles win thousands of Miles for healthcare services taken from Medicana Health Group – the program partner in healthcare sector... 

In addition to up to 50% discount for check-up services until 31.12.2016; 

  • 2.000 bonus miles for 40-male/female check-up panels 
  • 2.000 bonus miles for 40+ male/female check-up panels 
  • 3.000 bonus miles for exclusive male/female check-up panels 

Moreover, for all healthcare services rendered in Medicana Health Group; 

  • 500 miles for your medical expenditures ranging from 300 TL to 999 TL, 
  • miles for your medical expenditures above 1.000 TL. 


+90 850 460 6334 

+90 850 460 MEDI

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