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Flights to Bahrain

Manama Arabic
Bahraini Dinar 1,493 million
New Year (January 01), Labor Day (May 01), Hijri New Year, Ashoora (September), Birthday of Prophet Mohammed (November 30), National Holiday (December 16), Ramadan Feast, Sacrifice Holiday

Officially the Kingdom of Bahrain is an island country in the Persian Gulf. Although it is one of the three smallest countries in Asia by area, Bahrain has an extremely high trading volume by its economy dependent on petroleum and jewelry, as well as rapidly growing in tourism. Owning a great strategic importance thanks to its geographical location, the country rises on the ancient lands as being a home to many civilizations throughout the history. Preserving its deep-rooted culture and embracing its history of thousands of years, Bahrain ranks among the top attractive destinations in the Arabian Peninsula by its glorious artifacts.

Take a look at the flights offered by Turkish Airlines without delay to enjoy a pleasant and privileged journey to Bahrain, if you are also interested in visiting this glorious island state full of desert towns, craft centers and sparkling skyscrapers.

Flight Details

Bahrain flight details

Direct flights by Turkish Airlines from Istanbul Airport (IST) to Bahrain International Airport (BAH) take nearly four hours. The temperature does not decrease too much in Bahrain due to its geographical location. Therefore, the country can be visited all year round, regardless of the season. Moreover, sandstorms mostly occur during the months of summer; however you can feel free to visit Bahrain in summer as well, as the country is well prepared for its climate with its advanced architectural structures.

As a country with a rapidly growing economy by jewelry and petroleum, Bahrain is among the countries where the world’s most important fairs and expos take place. International Jewelry Fair held in November every year at the capital Manama shines out as an elegant and peerless event gathering together the dazzling jewelries in the country. International Fabric Fair in April at the capital Manama, on the other hand, offers a great chance to witness the country’s unique hand workmanship.

Bahrain is highly assertive in energy sector as well. International Energy Congress held at Manama in March is an innovative meeting to see the world’s most advanced technologies. Moreover, International Defense Technologies Exhibition in October, together with Petrochemical Fair in the same month, welcome participants from all over the world. All these events increase the country’s appeal, arousing interest as remarkable trade fairs shaping the future of their sectors worldwide. Nevertheless, Bahrain owes its fame to the remarkable Grand Prix F1 races organized in April every year. When there are no races taking place, it is possible to see the stunning F1 race tracks, which were built with a record speed in 16 months.

If you are interested in meeting the colorful side of Bahrain apart from professional organizations like fairs, Bahrain Independence Day celebrations would be an ideal choice. Having been a British colony for long years, Bahrain celebrates its independence every June with enthusiastic concerts and amazing firework shows. What is more, Bahrain lives its most vibrant and colorful moments during the religious feasts. It is very likely to feel the sweet rush in the country during the feasts of Ramadan and Sacrifice; you may also join various events and parades in Milad Al Nabi, celebrating the Birthday of Prophet Mohammed.

It would be recommendable to book your flights to Bahrain in advance, taking into account that the air traffic in the country gets busier during the season of trade fairs gathering together many outstanding corporations worldwide by its advanced economy, as well as during the globally famous F1 organizations.

Attraction Points

Bahrain sightseeing and attractions

There are a wide range of historical artifacts to see in Bahrain with a history dating back to 5000 years. The capital Manama truly represents the country in the best way by its silhouette where the past and present blend together through the coexistence of historic and modern architecture. You may visit the National Museum of Bahrain to have an insight about the city’s background under the influence of Portugal and Persian and to see the broad collection displaying Bahrain’s archeological works. The city hosts Al-Fateh Mosque, one of the largest mosques worldwide. Covering an area of 6500 square meters, the mosque is regarded as a remarkable house of worship countywide with its capacity of 7 thousand people.

Luxury shopping malls and holiday centers welcome you along the Gulf in Manama, where you can enjoy the sun and sea with a qualified service. Moreover, the famous and luxury beaches of Bahrain are not only in the capital; Zallaq Bay in the west coast is known for its turquoise lagoons and crystal sands, offering watersport activities like jet skiing or kite surfing.

Bahrain owns very critical spots for cultural tourism with its deep-rooted history. Beti Al Qur’an, known as the House of Quran in Hoora district of capital Manama serves as a versatile museum focusing on Islamic works of art. The museum’s wide collection includes more than 50 thousand manuscript and books of Quran holographs and other works of Islamic art. Truly as an open-air museum with all its fortresses, Bahrain’s Fort is simply enchanting which points out the settlement in 2300s before the Common Era. Declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO, this fort is one of the icons of the country. Arad Fort dating back to the 15th century, together with Riffa Fort built as a defense castle during the caliphate are other worth-seeing spots, attracting considerable number of visitors. Nevertheless, the most ancient spot in Bahrain is the Barbar Temple, remaining from the 3000s before Common Era as a part of the Dilmun culture. Included on the tentative list of UNESCO World Heritages, ceramic works, weapons, gold pieces and potteries found in this temple are displayed in Bahrain National Museum.

Without a doubt, the most significant attraction in Bahrain is the Tree of Life standing still with all its majesty in the middle of the desert. Considered to be more than 400 years old, this tree brings in many tourists, as it has succeeded to survive for many years without any water source. You may rent a car to see the Tree of Life and transport comfortably between the cities and islands of Bahrain. You can therefore have a pleasant vacation in the country which does not have a very advanced public transport network and enjoy your time watching the enthralling landscapes in coast road.

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