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Flights to Republic of Maldives

Malé Maldivian
Rufiyaa 417.492
New Year (January 01), National Holiday (January 02), Independence Day (July 26), Day of Salvation (April 25), Labor Day (May 01), Victory Day (October 24), Republic Day (November 11), Ramadan Feast, Sacrifice Holiday, Pilgrimage Day

As an utterly beautiful holiday destination consisting of nearly 1200 islands on the Indian Ocean, Republic of Maldives is the favorite spot for those looking for an unforgettable and peaceful holiday. Enthralling the visitors by its marvelous nature, comfortable facilities and service manner of the highest standards, Republic of Maldives offers to its guests a large number of hotel islands where there is no settlement but only facilities to experience a unique vacation. Shining out by its bright sea, splendid sun, stunning natural reserves, world class hotels and cheerful people, Republic of Maldives is flooded by tourists all year round. As the first choice of especially the honeymooners, the country ranks among the top destinations for romantic vacations.

Take a look at the flights now to enjoy a pleasant vacation full of sun and sea by its crystal sands and warm climate.

Flight Details

Republic of Maldives flight details

There are four airports serving internationally in Republic of Maldives : Gan International Airport (GAN), Hanimaadhoo International Airport (HAQ), Velana International Airport (MLE) and Villa International Airport (VAM).

Turkish Airlines flies to Velana International Airport (MLE) in the capital Male serving to 7,5 million passengers in a year. Flights from Istanbul Airport (IST) are operated directly and take nearly eight hours.

Republic of Maldives hosts a wide range of festivals attended by people all around the world. Combining its ethnic background by the modern styles, the country aims the participation of everyone to the festivals held throughout the year. Religious holidays, which are attended by the families as a whole are celebrated with great enthusiasm here; almost all religious feasts are held together with parades and shows offering a vivacious atmosphere. As the world’s largest expo, World Food Day is held with huge participation. Moreover, Fishermen Day celebrated in December is another remarkable event held to pay tribute to the people’s source of income. Republic of Maldives Surf Music Festival, Hot Air Balloon Festival and The Republic of Maldives Whale Shark Festival are among the other outstanding organizations countrywide.

You may have a chance to get to know the local community and the culture better, if you happen to be in Republic of Maldives during these events. However, it would be best to keep in mind that the country gets more crowded when these events take place. It would therefore be advantageous to organize your travel in advance.

Attraction Points

Republic of Maldives sightseeing and attractions

This magnificent country where the majority of the population is Muslim offers a wide range of alternatives for vacation. The capital Male, serving also as the living space in the country is one of the most populous destinations. Airport is located on a tiny island near the capital. You may get to your place of accommodation with direct transfers or through the capital Male. National Museum, Tsunami Monument, Presidential Palace, Islamic Centre Grand Mosque and Friday Mosque are among the popular attention-grabbing spots in Male. Whale Submarine Republic of Maldives , where you can watch the life under sea and the Sultan Park are the favorite destinations for the families with children.

Islands in Republic of Maldives are divided into two parts as local and resort. Although the local ones are not very convenient for tourists, these still are preferred by some guests as well. Vhamanafushi Island is known as the first island in the country that has opened to tourism. Lankanfinolhu Island is another crowd-pulling spot in the country. Having been greatly suffered from the tsunami in 2004, Maafushi Island has been rapidly renewed and shines out as the favorite destination of the water sports fanciers.

Since the majority of the resort islands in the country have their own reefs, these offer extremely enjoyable diving experiences. Republic of Maldives surprises its guests by a wide range of activities like feeding the baby sharks, swimming with the mantas and coral diving. The islands are under the risk of global warming and unfortunately very likely to be inundated after a while… Book your flight to Republic of Maldives without delay to indulge yourself and your loved ones with a dreamlike holiday.

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