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Flights to Turkmenistan

Ashgabat Turkmen, Russian
Turkmen Manat 5,663 million
Martyrs Memorial Day (January 12), Flag Day (February 19), Women’s Day (March 08), Novruz (March 21 and 22), Victory Day (May 09), Constitution Day (May 18), Day of Commemoration of National Mourning (October 06), Independence Day (October 27 and 28), Neutrality Day (December 12)

As one of the independent Turkic states which has adopted the policy of neutrality, the majority of Turkmenistan is situated in Karakum Desert. For this reason, continental desert climate is effective on the most of the country where the months of winter are extremely challenging. Those wishing to know this beautiful country better generally have their visits during the summer months. Bounded by the Caspian Sea to the west, Turkmenistan offers opportunities in water sports like surfing and diving, as well as promising an unforgettable desert experience where the tough conditions of Bedouin life can also be observed. Moreover, the country owns an utterly successful culture in horse riding and horse breeding as well.

Take a look at the flights to Turkmenistan with Turkish Airlines now to set your plan for an enjoyable vacation in the peaceful Turkmen cities.

Flight Details

Turkmenistan flight details

Turkish Airlines offers direct flights to the Turkmen capital Ashgabat. Flights from Istanbul Airport (IST) to Ashgabat International Airport (ASB) take nearly three hours and forty five minutes.

Ashgabat International Airport (ASB) serves as the largest airport countrywide. The capital’s airport, which is the primary landing point in travels to Turkmenistan, is followed by Turkmenbashi International Airport (KRW), also known as Krasnovodosk Airport (KRW) which has been rendering service since 2010.

Offering a modern life embracing its unique culture and various Turkmen traditions, Turkmenistan reaches its main touristic capacity during the months of spring and summer. The air traffic getting busier in these seasons is also contributed by a great number of festivals and organizations taking place in the country. The Gold Generation of the Golden Century festival, which takes place in August every year at Ashgabat, is the most crowd-pulling event countrywide. Serving as a children festival on an international scale, this event is attended by more than 20 countries each year. International Music Festival, celebrated also in the capital is held with a huge participation from many musicians and locals in April every year. In addition, Silk Way Rally in January is another remarkable event watched with interest by many people. International Theater Fest is a significant event, bringing together the citizens of Ashgabat together with theater. Various groups from many countries worldwide take to the stage in this festival which takes place every year with great enthusiasm.

Attraction Points

Turkmenistan sightseeing and attractions

Although the devastating earthquake in 1948 almost demolished the entire city, Ashgabat has risen from the ashes and welcomes its guests today as the largest city and capital of the country. Resembling an oasis by its location in the desert, Ashgabat is filled with monuments all over, which declare the city’s commitment to its past. The most outstanding monuments in the city are the golden statue of Turkmenbashi Saparmurat Niyazov, together with the Arch of Neutrality, Halk Hakydasy Memorial Complex commemorating the victims of 1948 Ashgabat Earthquake, and the Monument of ten Akhal-Teke horses. These monuments which are displayed to ensure strict adhesion with the past also in the future, attract the attention of the tourists as well. As a city with a chalk white view, Ashgabat owns an attractive profile with its buildings made of veinless marble. National Carpet Museum, offering a wide range of globally known Turkmen carpets, as well as the Museum of History and Ethnography are the significant tourist attractions to witness the details of this unique culture. The Kipchak Mosque as the largest mosque in Central Asia, and the mausoleum of Niyazov family right next to it, are the remarkable must-see spots in the capital. You may also have a pleasant walk in the Gold Generation National Park and visit the Tolkuchka, a marketplace offering an extremely exotic atmosphere full of beautiful handicrafts.

As one of the remarkable historic and cultural spots in the country, Konye-Urgench is also regarded as the most sacred destination in Turkmenistan. Offering a prosperous heritage by palaces, minarets and shrines, this pretty municipality hosts the notable Nejameddin Kubra Shrine, shining out as the most spectacular work in the area.

The crater in Karakum Desert, also known as Door to Hell attracts great attention of the tourists. Included in the World Heritage List by UNESCO, Merv is located on the lands witnessing the settlement since the Stone Age. The marketplace of the city is another vivacious spot to visit in the region. Sultan Sanjar’s Mausoleum and Abdullah Khan Castle are the favorite spots of those interested in historical and cultural tours.

You may organize a more comprehensive travel to Turkmenistan by visiting a couple of Turkmen cities, offering utterly exclusive experiences. The most preferred means for transportation between cities is the buses. However you may also consider the options of car rental for a more comfortable transportation throughout your stay.

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