Passer au menu principal
Hostess who started the dinner service in THY Business Class cabin

Red meat selections

Red meat selections inspiring gourmets promises a great tasting adventure. It will be pleasantly hard for you to decide among the tasty options like beef tenderloin, lamb chops, grilled cutlets and meatballs. You will greatly enjoy the traditional dishes combining red meat with vegetables.


Beef teriyaki

Fillet of beef with teriyaki sauce and vegetable fried rice

Grilled lamb chops

Grilled lamb chops with rosemary jus & ratatouille with bulgur pilav and “cacık” cucumber yoghurt

Traditional “islim kebab” 

Oven roasted lamb shanks wrapped in grilled aubergine with buttered Turkish rice


Steak & Salad

Grilled beef steak with tomato carpaccio and fresh arugula

Fillet of beef cutlet

Fillet of beef cutlet with cafe de Paris gnocchi

Grilled meatball brochette 

Meatball brochette, bulgur pilav and aubergine puree

Grilled turkish style meatball & vegetable casserole 

Grilled Turkish style meatball & vegetable casserole

Grilled lamb chops

Grilled lamb chops with rosemary jus & polenta  crespelle and ratatouille 

Karnıyarık, traditional stuffed eggplant 

Stuffed eggplants with lamb cubes and fresh tomato sauce, Turkish buttered rice

  • A week before your flight, you can check photos, and choose from delicious dining options that will be served to you on any and all intercontinental flights departing from Istanbul. We kindly remind that you make your meal selection at least 48 hours before your flight.
  • Dining options vary from flight to flight.
  • Your meal selection may not available due to operational reasons.
  • You can make your meal selection using your ticket information, via our website or mobile application.
  • Our meal selection service is currently only available on flights from Istanbul to Atlanta, Bangkok, Bogota, Boston, Cape Town, Caracas, Dallas, Denpasar, Durban, Guangzhou, Caracas, Hanoi, Havana, Hong Kong, Houston, Jakarta, Johannesburg, Kuala Lumpur, Los Angeles, Madagascar, Manila, Maputo, Mauritius, Mexico City, Miami, Montreal, New York, Newark, Osaka, Beijing, Phuket, San Francisco, Shanghai, Sao Paulo, Ho Chi Minh, Seattle, Seoul, Singapore, Chicago, Taipei, Tokyo, Toronto, Vancouver, Washington DC and Xi'an.
  • Our offerings are prepared with Islamic restrictions in mind.