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You are valuable to us!

Dear Passengers,

The safety and well-being of our passengers and crew are our utmost priority at Turkish Airlines. Since the first reports of the COVID-19 outbreak were published, Turkish Airlines has followed the developments closely, considered the probable scenarios at the highest level, and taken all the necessary measures.

Upon completing a flight, all Turkish Airlines aircraft undergo a thorough cleaning process, in compliance with the national and international civil aviation authorities’ guidelines. This process includes the cleaning, with disinfectants, of the commonly touched surfaces in the flight cabin and lavatories, including toilets, tray tables, armrests, seat belt buckles and in-flight entertainment screens. All blankets, linens, headrest covers, bed sheets and headsets are replaced with new sets for each flight.

Turkish Airlines has cancelled all passenger flights to mainland China, Iran, Iraq, South Korea and Italy. Every area in the flight cabins of our aircraft arriving from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand undergo an intensive cleaning. This cleaning also consists of a disinfectant fogging that has proven effective against existent viruses, including the novel coronavirus known to cause COVID-19.

During flight, the air in the cabin is refreshed constantly by air conditioning units equipped with hospital-grade, High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtration systems. The air in the cabin is completely changed 15 to 30 times per hour, as particles of dust and all known airborne bacteria and viruses are filtered. This ensures the highest possible quality of cabin air. In addition to utilizing premium cleaning products in all our aircraft, medical disinfectants are also available in the aircraft lavatories for flights to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. All Turkish Airlines crew are well informed, trained to handle contamination cases, and ready to assist in any case of medical emergency.

The COVID-19 pandemic is a complicated situation that requires concerted efforts on both national and international levels to tackle and Turkish Airlines is working closely with all relevant authorities and adapting its precautionary measures accordingly to ensure your safety and well-being both on the ground and in the air. Thank you for your support and understanding.

Kind regards,


M. İlker Aycı

Turkish Airlines

Chairman & CEO