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UATP is the world's first card payment system issued by airlines. It is valid only for travel expenses. 

With the UATP card accepted by more than 260 airlines and thousands of travel agencies around the world, you can manage your travel expenses and get detailed reports on your trips. Please visit UATP’s webpage for more information.

Advantages of the UATP card

  • Tracking your travel expenses with other expenses in a single statement 
  • Transparency in ticket prices 
  • Ability to create detailed reports specific to your needs 
  • Preventing fare abuse and tracking expenses 
  • Ticketing from Turkish Airlines as well as other airlines that accept UATP Card as a payment method. (Click to learn other airlines.) 
  • No monthly charge or subscription fee

As a result of the cooperation between Turkish Airlines and Yapı Kredi Bank, the UATP payment system has been integrated into the Turkish Airlines Corporate Club program. The quality of the services we offer to our corporate customers is further enhanced with the Turkish Airlines Corporate Club Card. 

Please review Yapı Kredi Corporate Cards for more information.

Membership advantages

  • Discounts on scheduled Turkish Airlines international flights
  • Additional baggage allowance 
  • Opportunity to have Turkish Airlines Corporate Club Card * 

* At the end of the contract period, customers who have spent more than TRY 250.000 on flights, excluding taxes and service fees, will be issued a Turkish Airlines Corporate Club Card. The Turkish Airlines Corporate Club Card offers cardholders complimentary entrance to a private lounge, valid for the following year (one card for each TRY 250.000 contract target). The first year of contract does not provide Corporate Club Card rights. 

Apply now 

Click here to apply. 

For requests and questions 

Please write to

For detailed information 

Yapı Kredi Customer Support: 444 0 448 

Turkish Airlines Call Center: 444 0 849 

Terms and conditions 

Click here for Turkish Airlines Corporate Club terms and conditions