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Family membership

How to apply?

Are you ready to collect and spend your Miles on a single account as a family? Thanks to the family membership available to our Classic Plus members, your Miles, your spouse’s Miles and the Miles of your unmarried children under 25 can be added to your account as “Family Miles”.


All of your family members’ Miles earned from Turkish Airlines flights, Star Alliance member flights and program partners will be added to your Classic Plus account. Each family member will have their own account, and activities of family members will be added as Bonus Miles to the Classic Plus member’s account. The flights of family members will be added to their own account as “Status Miles” to let them upgrade their membership level. 

If you request family membership as a Classic Plus member, you can share your signed request along with the photocopies of your family members’ ID cards (including marriage certificate) via our feedback form. If your family members are already Miles&Smiles members, please note their membership numbers and annex it to the photocopies of ID cards. If not, you are required to include their Miles&Smiles application forms. Family membership becomes valid upon the due request of members. 

Classic Plus members can transfer the unused Miles of family members as Bonus Miles.

The member who separated family Miles by his/her own wish or become over 25-years will be removed from the family membership by the system, will continue to earn Miles on his/her individual membership. Miles which added to family membership Miles before, will not be transferred to their own account in any way.