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Rize at a glance

When Rize is mentioned, most people think of the area’s expansive greenery. But Rize’s celebrated forests are just the tip of the iceberg. Centuries-old castles, fascinating museums and a rich culture are part of the Rize story, as well as cool plateaus, wild streams and waterfalls. The Kaçkar Mountains National Park, Zilkale, Fırtına River, Ayder Plateau and Palovit Waterfall are just a few of Rize’s natural beauties.

It’s easy to explore Rize, with its oxygen-rich air and majestic mountain views and plenty of oxygen. Simply purchase a flight to Rize and get ready to meet the friendly local people, stay in quaint mountain houses and enjoy this dynamic city. Of course, you’ll want to sample the delicious local dishes of Rize, so check out our blog on Black Sea cuisine.

Discover Rize with us

After purchasing your tickets to Rize and whetting your appetite for scrumptious Black Sea dishes, you can start planning what to see — you can start with Rize Castle, Zilkale, and the Pokut and Anzer plateaus.

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Turkish Airlines offers direct flights to the Rize-Artvin Airport in Rize from Istanbul Airport and Ankara Esenboğa Airport. For more information on fares and schedules, click here.

Rize is known for:

자연과 야생동물 요리 역사와 예술 해안

빠른 정보

주변 도시
Trabzon (80 km)
Artvin (159 km)
Erzurum (251 km)
Turkish Lira (TRY)

국가 코드

전기 전력
C, E, F

GMT +3

평균 커피 가격
EUR 0.52

EUR 4.90

6 °C
6 °C
8 °C
12 °C
16 °C
21 °C
24 °C
24 °C
21 °C
17 °C
12 °C
8 °C

Transportation from Rize-Artvin Airport to the city center

대중 교통:

Rize-Artvin Airport (RZV) is approximately 33 kilometers from the Rize city center. Transportation to the city center is available via HAVAŞ services, buses or minibuses, as well as taxis.

공항에서 평균 시간: -

공항까지 거리: 33 km


From Rize-Artvin Airport, the city center can be reached via taxi in about 30 minutes.

택시 평균 요금: -

자동차 렌트:

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