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Male passenger using the entertainment system and the wi-fi system in the THY Business Class cabin

This Month's Highlights

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The Creator

Amidst a future war between humans and AI, an ex-special forces agent (John David Washington) grieving the disappearance of his wife (Gemma Chan) is recruited to kill an AI architect...

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Bobcat Moretti

An obese, ill man takes up his late father's sport of boxing to overcome personal tragedy. It was filmed over ten months, allowing the lead actor to lose 154 pounds and embody the role.

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A young boy travels across a mysterious land, crossing barren deserts and beautiful forests and connecting with different animals, all while being pursued by a shadowy spirit.

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See How They Run

It’s the greatest murder ever staged as plans for a movie version of a hit play are halted in 1950s London after a crew member is murdered. An inspector and his sidekick take the case.

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A Million Miles Away

Ethan Hunt and the IMF team must track down a terrifying new weapon that threatens all of humanity if it falls into the wrong hands. A deadly race around the globe begins.

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The Marvels

Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel has reclaimed her identity from the tyrannical Kree. When her duties send her to an anomalous wormhole, her powers are entangled with super-fan Kamala...

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Son Akşam Yemeği

An orphaned grandchild, a veteran granddad, an exquisite eve at Çankaya Mansion. After the recent setbacks, the former imperial cook makes a superb feast.

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The Big Ugly

Neeyln has always been the loyal enforcer for crime boss Harris in London. When Harris strikes a deal with an old friend, Preston, they find themselves in the wild hills of West Virginia.

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Struggling on a solo backpacking trip in Thailand, Madison meets CW, who travels with ease and shows her a more uninhibited way of living, but CW's interest in her takes a darker turn.

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An immortal Scottish swordsman must confront the last of his immortal opponent, a murderously brutal barbarian who lusts for the fabled "Prize".