Turkish Airlines debit memo/booking regulations

Turkish Airlines shapes the proper utilization on general distributing systems in line with booking rules in order to protect agencies from penalty and sanctions applied by the airline and are binding for all IATA and non-IATA agencies.

Agencies’ responsibility starts once they reach the Turkish Airlines reservations system. Agency employees are obliged to be knowledgable about Turkish Airlines applicable rules and workflow.

We urge all Travel Service Provider reservation staff to strictly follow procedures and regrettably non-compliance of these rules will result with debit to the service provider. Travel Service Provider will also be prohibited from selling Turkish Airlines inventory. Rules which are related to reservations and ticketing done by the agencies are indicated in 830d, 824, 850m instructions of IATA with all details. Agencies have to conduct ticketing according to IATA General Rules and also fares, notifications and regulations published by Turkish Airlines.

Turkish Airlines holds the right to apply changes to its Debit Memo/Booking policy without notifying beforehand therefore it is under the responsibility of Travel Service Provider to update its employees of regulations. Turkish Airlines can apply below mentioned ADM amounts to all booking practices which are not applicable rules and workflow.

It is advisable to follow the below mentioned rules to maintain a good level of service for all business partners.


Speculative / Fictitious Boking: Bookings made in an anticipation of a sale where no definite passenger exists / or for productivity purposes where no definite passenger exists by using fake names.

Adminstrative Booking: Bookings created for testing/agency training/business tracking services (printing itineraries or invoices)

Churning: Segments that are repeatedly cancelled and rebooked to circumvent time limits or to meet GDS productivity

Duplicate Bookings: Booking more than one segment/PNR for same passenger for same/different route.

No-Show: Inventory spoilage caused by a person who reserves a seat on a flight but neither it is attended nor cancelled.

Passive Booking: Non-active booking entered in the GDS to issue ticket for active booking originally hosted in the airline system

Inactive Booking: Segments in PNR with status code PN, HX, UN, NO, SC, TK, UC, US or WK.

Travel Service Provider: Agency or any entity booking the reservation on behalf of passenger.


2.1. Speculative /Fictitious Bookings ;

ADM is issued / 35.-EUR flat fee to all booking practices listed in below will be collected.

  • Post departure bookings.
  • Bookings made with fake names. Not limited to but such as surnames ABC/FGHJK/. Initials like A/B/C . Names of celebrities.
  • Impossible Bookings : Itinerary with bookings illogical for passenger to meet such as multiple destinations, bookings with connections that depart before arrival of the inbound flight.
  • Booking created to block the space or to reach the GDS designated productivity count, if there is no definite passenger.
  • Open segments entered for other that of ticketing purposes.
  • Repeatedly cancelled and rebooked to circumvent the time limits or to meet GDS productivity.
  • Repeatedly high cancellation ratio.
  • Remarkable amounts of unticketed and cancelled bookings made within 24 hours of flight departure (same day bookings)

2.2. Passive Bookings

ADM is issued / 35.-EUR flat fee to all booking practices listed in below will be collected.

  • Passive segment may be entered only for ticketing purposes when booking is made through the airline system otherwise it is subject to ADM.
  • Passive segments must not be used to create a copy of a PNR when passenger requests an invoice or itinerary. For keeping copy of an itenerary please use the GDS entries under Item 2.4.
  • All NO status codes must be deleted from PNR as this booking is rejected by airline.

All “NO” status codes must be deleted from PNR as this booking is rejected by airline. Travel service supplier will recieve NO status code for airline upon the below circumstances:

NO status code
Status Explanation
NO Ticketing Authority This message is only sent to non-accredited agencies.
NO Matching PNR Found This message is sent when the passive segment does not match any record in the airline’s system.
Spelling Error Correct Name Passenger’s name should be entered accordingly to the active booking created in the airline’s system.
PNR Is Under Control Of Another Agency Active booking held in the airline’s system has been created by another agency. The booking should be queued to agency for ticketing, provided that both agencies are using the same GDS.
Class Mismatch Cancel And Verify The class of the passive segment does not match the class of the original booking.
Holding Active Booking From You Active segment held in the airline’s system is originally created by the same agency. Agency should issue ticket off the active record.
PL Segments Are Not Accepted Passive waitlists are not accepted, as passive segments are only to be entered to issue ticket for confirmed segments.
Passive Segment Message Previously Received This message alerts agent that the segment has already been entered and accepted.
No Exact Match Pls Verify The number in the party does not match the record held by the Turkish Airlines.
Active Segment In The Airline’s System Is Waitlisted Agency cannot enter passive segment until the waitlisted segment has been confirmed.
Invalid Airport Code Cancel And Verify Agency has entered a passive segment with a wrong airport code / city code.
Flight Number Mismatch-Cancel And Verify Flight number of passive segment does not match the flight number in the airline’s system.
There Is An Active Booking On The Same GDS Another agency has originally created the active PNR
Active PNR Is Cancelled In Airlines System Active booking has been cancelled in the airline’s system. Please check the original PNR.
Name Mismatch-Cancel And Verify When the names in the PNR do not match the names received previously. Mismatch exceeds 2 characters (two letters)
2.3. Duplicate Bookings ;

A booking more than one reservation for the same passenger within one or more GDS created by the same agency The following bookings are considered duplicate bookings ADM is issued / 35.-EUR flat fee will be collected.

The same flight number on the same or different date. Flight segments in a PNR are active or passive.

Different flight numbers for the same city pair for the same or for a different date.

Different destination point on the same or different date.

Same or nearby airport.

Similiar itinerary booked on other airline/codeshare airline /joint venture airline and Turkish Airlines

2.4. Test Bookings

Bookings created in a live mode for agency training/ business tracking purposes / obtaining customer visa are considered test bookings ADM is issued /35.-EUR flat fee will be collected.

Test Bookings information

Segment/Status Codes
Sabre YK Status Code 0TK006J01NOVORDISTYK1
Amadeus Ghost Segment SSTK108Y12JULISTESBGK1/08000900/PNR NO See Help Pages: HE SS,MS625
Worldspan Travel Segment (From availability screen) 01Y1@TVL See Help Pages: HELP TVLC
Galileo Tour Segment 0TURTKBK1IST26NOV-FREE FORMAT See Help Pages: H/AUXS
2.5. Inactive Bookings

Agent should monitor the queues regularly and remove all inactive segments. All inactive segments must be removed 24 hours prior to departure time. The following bookings are considered inactive bookings ADM is issued /35.-EUR flat fee will be collected.

  • All unremoved inactive HX,UN,UC,NO,SC,TK,US,PN or WK status codes in a PNR.
  • All unremoved waitlisted segments which are no longer needed .When the desired waitlisted segment is confirmed, others must be canncelled.

2.6. Sytem Abuse/Married Segment Violations

System Abuse / Married Segment violations are being monitored by Turkish Airlines and the bookings created and/or ticketed accordingly will be sentenced to ADM. Following fee will be collected from the creator-owner /ticketing agencies.

  • For Domestic Bookings (to/from Turkey) created via Agencies in TR market 500.-TRYper passenger / per PNR
  • For Continental flights created by System Abuse / Married Segment violations (to/from Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa) 500.-EUR per passenger / per PNR
  • For Intercontinental flights created by System Abuse / Married Segment violations (to/from America, Far East) 1000.-EUR per passenger / per PNR

Besides having an ADM , the agencies responsible for such abuses may also be blacklisted for using Turkish Airlines’ services ;such as availability display, booking and ticketing. In case the creator/owner and the ticketing agencies are different , both agencies will be sentenced to such penalty.

2.6.1. Married Segment Violations

The following are considered “Married Segment Violations”.

  • Manipulation on married segments.
  • Partial cancellation of any married segment made against rules
  • Any activity to use fake flights/destinations in order to book for lower classes for the desired segments.

2.6.2. Sytem Abuse

All the transactions made intentionally to be able to retrive confirmed space for the lower fares/closed classes will be considered as “System Abuse” and those agencies responsible for such transactions will be restricted to display or sell any Turkish Airlines service/flight.

A few examples are given below which should not be considered as the whole group of system abuses;

  • To send the oubound flight first in order to change the point of commencement of the whole journey,
  • To hold the sell transaction for a long time before EOT in order to be able to cause a link down , etc.

We would like to mention once again about that “system abuse” is not limited to the two examples given above, but just two of them.

2.7. High ratio of ‘No-Show’ Bookings

For such abuses, responsible agency will be subject to an ADM that will be calculated as the highest fare on the related route. Any kind of ticketing causing remarkable no-shows, such as but not limited to ;

  • No-shows occured for the segments created in order to be used just for ticketing the whole itinerary with a lower fare.
  • Remarkable amount of no-shows occured within a certain or different flights, etc.

2.8. Uncommitted Bookings

Uncommitted Bookings are bookings not finalized with EOT (End of Transaction). If they are held longer than the usual time necessary to close the sale, seats are blocked in our flight inventory and TK risks not able to sell such seats. Without creating a PNR to hold or block a seat on a flight inventory is considered as abuse and will be sentenced to ADM. 50.-EUR flat fee will be collected per seat.

2.9. Hidden Groups

Booking 10 or more passengers on at least one common flight segment within their itinerary shall be requested as a group booking. Booking them in two or more individual PNRs is considered as “hidden” group, which is not allowed..Such bookings are subject to ADM. 50.-EUR flat fee will be collected per seat /per PNR

Passive Group Reservations

In order to avoid any rejections when issuing individual tickets with a passive status code for active group bookings held in Turkish Airlines reservations system, it is mandatory to add a *TCP*(to complete party) information to the passive PNR.

Please use the following *TCP* format prior to *EOT* entry 3OSI TK TCP30 (nbr.of psgrs in the group), GROUP NAME

2.10. Special Time Limit

Agency who has been offered by “special time limit” must issue the tickets according to this time limit requriements otherwise this privilege will be cancelled and will be sentenced to ADM. 50.-EUR flat fee will be collected per seat/per PNR


  • Avoid “Churning”, excessive and repeated booking and cancelling of segments to circumvent time limits or to meet GDS productivity
  • Avoid “No-Shows”; Inventory spoilage caused by agents failure to issue ticket and/or cancel unticketed reservations. Avoid questionable cancellations prior to the scheduled flight.
  • Time limit requirements and fare rules must be adhered to and ticket must be issued according to the booking status. Confirmed status may not be used unless received from TK
  • Avoid confirmed ticket issued for a unconfirmed booking.
  • Agent must not create a PNR in order to check the fare and other information.
  • Agent must not book itinerary in one class of service and issue ticket in another class of service.
  • Ticketing must be done in the same GDS in which the original booking is made.
PNR transfer entries
Sabre 6*TA/PCC (see F*SQLRT for details)
Amadeus ES PCC-B
Galileo QEP/PCC
Worldspan QEP/PCC
**PCC PCC is the agency’s city code defined by a GDS.

Ticketing rules


Dear Travel Partner,

Turkish Airlines provides you this document about our ADM policy in an effort to take down your costs and efforts and to offer you the best possible service.

We would like you to know that our agencies’ satisfaction is our top priority. Hence, we do our best to cut your ADMs as a result of reservations, ticketing and your other transactions via IT developments and by providing you comprehensive information.

We aim to provide you a comprehensive and detailed basis about our ADM policy for you so that you avoid possible incorrect transactions.

Please study this booklet below to make sure that your transactions would hold error-proof. We thank you for your support and co-operation and look forward to assisting you in case of any further queries.