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Introducing Málaga

Located on the shores of the Mediterranean, Málaga is a city which brings art and history together. It's the birthplace of one of the world's most famous artists, Pablo Picasso, and as you'd expect, is filled with an atmosphere of artistry and culture. Be sure to make the most of the city's museums, and even step back in time as you visit the ancient Alcazaba. The city offers pristine, sandy beaches along the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean, as well as lush botanic gardens, so it's up to you how and where you want to indulge in a little relaxation. The streets of Málaga are brimming with history, so losing yourself in exploration is just as fun a lazing on the beach. Sometimes you'll come across museums waiting to divulge the secrets of a distant culture, sometimes it will be a restaurant eager to introduce you to Málaga's unique cuisine - with dishes bringing together tastes from Andalusia, Europe and the rest of Spain, your taste-buds will be sure to thank you.

Málaga is known for:

웰빙 역사와 예술 엔터테인먼트 및 쇼핑 요리 수영 해안

빠른 정보

주변 도시
Sevilla (172 km)
Cadiz (227 km)
Granada (133 km)
Euro (EUR)

국가 코드

전기 전력
I, C, F

GMT +1

평균 커피 가격


Málaga airport information

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대중 교통:

Using public transport to make the 8 km journey from Málaga Costa Del Sol Airport (AGP) to the city center is fairly easy. Using the Line A Express Bus system, you'll be in the city center within 25 minutes at a cost of 2 euros. These run every half an hour between 07:00 and midnight.

공항에서 평균 시간: 25 minutes

공항까지 거리: 8 km


Taxis in Málaga run on a two-tier fare system, according to what time of day you're traveling. Depending on exactly where you want to go in the city, between 06:00 and 22:00 you can expect to pay between 15 and 20 euros, while between the hours of 22:00 and 06:00, this will increase to between 20 and 25 euros.

택시 평균 요금: 15-25 euros

자동차 렌트:

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