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Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles
Earn Miles when you shop! When you shop with your Miles&Smiles credit card, you'll earn Miles at different rates depending on where you spend. In addition to this, you'll earn even more Miles as your membership status is upgraded.
More Miles
Vehicle rental
Valet parking service
Private chauffeur


Earn more Miles

Miles&Smiles credit cards offer the potential to earn Miles from your purchases, with the amount depending on where you shop and your membership status. For Turkish Airlines tickets purchased with your credit card, you earn 1 Miles for every Turkish lira spent. Using a Miles&Smiles credit card also grants you the privilege of using Advance Miles.


Miles and Smiles Credit Cards
Discover the privileges

Discover the privileges

You can use the Miles you earn with your Miles&Smiles credit card from shopping as well as travel. In addition, your credit card allows you to benefit from the valet parking service at Istanbul's Ataturk Airport along with numerous other services such as the airport shuttle service, car rental, private chauffeur, and concierge.

Benefits now available to Diners Club holders!

Now you can earn Miles and take advantage of benefits when you use your Miles&Smiles Diners Club credit card overseas. Use Miles to buy award tickets for yourself or a companion, upgrade to Business Class or to shop.


Miles&Smiles Privileges
Earn Miles with Miles&Smiles


Earn when you fly, fly when you earn

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