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Shopping with miles

If you have a Miles&Smiles credit card, you can use the Miles you earn with it to shop, or spend your Miles with our program partners.


  • Only Miles&Smiles credit card holders can use Miles to shop. 
  • When shopping with Miles, 100 Miles will be equivalent to 2.5 TL. For example, 10,000 Miles would be spent on a shopping cart total of 250 TL. 
  • If a product purchased with Miles is returned, the Miles used to pay for that product can be refunded. 
  • Miles used to shop will be debited from a member's account immediately. 
  • You can spend your Miles while shopping at Beymen and Beymen Club stores and purchasing fuel or autogas in program partner Shell and BP stations plus various other companies. 
  • To shop with Miles, a Miles&Smiles member must have Miles in their account. In case a Miles&Smiles member does not have sufficient Miles in their account, a portion of the total can be covered by Miles, with the remaining total to be covered by the member’s credit card. 
  • Visit www.milesandsmiles.net for more details.