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Expand your horizons with a CES English language course

Expand your horizons with a CES English language course

Through Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles program you have the opportunity to explore the world, but to fully understand the places and people you will visit, you need to learn the language.

For over 40 years, Centre of English Studies has helped language learners improve their understanding of English and as part of the celebration of Turkish Airline’s 30th anniversary they are delighted to offer Miles&Smiles members a 30% discount on all adult language courses at their school.

Global Destinations

Centre of English Studies is a family of eight language schools that are located in England, Scotland, Ireland and Canada. Whether you would like to study in large international city such as London or Toronto, a historical and culturally rich capital city such as Edinburgh or Dublin, or a small seaside town like Worthing, CES has the destination that is perfect for you. All of our schools are within easy reach of Turkish Airlines destination airports so achieving a genuine local experience has never been easier.

For a full list of potential destinations please visit the Centre of English Studies’ website at www.ces-schools.com.

Care. Excellence. Success.

Since 1979 Centre of English Studies has been helping students from all around the world achieve their language ambitions and become part of the global community. Their highly qualified and experienced teaching staff are recognized throughout the English language industry for their commitment to educational excellence and their programs are constantly evolving to meet the need of their students. Whether you are looking to improve your English for an exam, for work or simply because you enjoy learning a language, Centre of English Studies is there to help.

Terms and conditions

  • Miles&Smiles 30% discount is available on tuition prices only and requires a valid Miles&Smiles membership number.
  • Bookings can be made through the Centre of English Studies website www.ces-schools.com or by emailing Centre of English Studies directly at info@ces-schools.com.
  • Promotion is valid in all eight Centre of English Studies locations.
  • This promotion is valid from 18.04.19 until 31.12.19 and is not valid in conjunction with any other offer or special prices.