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Istanbul Akvaryum invites the members of Miles&Smiles to meet with the magnificent, colorful underwater World. 

The members of Miles&Smiles have the advantage of buying Istanbul Akvaryum tickets with a 20 % discount. They can purchase their tickets by their saved miles, credit card or cash. 

The members of Miles&Smiles will be able to get an adult ticket which is equal to 3667 miles with the 20 % discount for 55 TL instead of the full price 69 TL. They can also buy a child ticket selling on 34 TL instead of the full price 44 TL with their 2334 saved miles.(1000 Miles= 15 TL) 

If the members of Miles&Smiles purchase Istanbul Akvaryum tickets without using their miles, but the members using credit cards or chash will obtain 4 extra miles for their every 1 TL purchase and also 220 miles will be uploaded on their account for the adult ticket purchase and 140 miles will be uploaded for he child ticket perchase. 

The first antarctic penguins of Turkey are in Istanbul Akvaryum which holds 17 different tematic themes and its rainforest invites the members of Miles&Smiles to Istanbul Akvaryum in order to see its 17 thousand species and to witness its magnificent underwater World.

The Biggest Thematic Aquarium

Located by the sea in Florya district of Istanbul and ranking as the biggest thematic aquarium in the world, Istanbul Akvaryum is the newest center of attraction in this city. Covering a surface area of 22,000 square meters and containing 6,800 cubic meters of water, a promenade 1.2 km long and a rain forest covering 1,000 square meters to rank as the biggest rain forest of its kind, Istanbul Akvaryum presents a unique experience thanks to its concept and 16 different thematic areas.

Visitors are invited to follow a geographical route ranging from the Black Sea to the Pacific Ocean, where each thematic area has been equipped with its own cultural, historical and architectural characteristics, decorative units, interactive games, films, and visual graphics containing detailed information about the area. The audio–lighting systems of Istanbul Akvaryum are programmed to match its themes.

Thus visitors are enabled to enjoy 64 large to small tanks, thousands of species of marine life, many surprises and a wonderfully entertaining experience in this underwater world.

Campaign Requirements

  • In order to benefit from the campaign, you have to be a subscriber of Miles&Smiles which is a Frequent Flyer Program of Turkish Airlines.
  • The subscribers of Miles&Smiles will be able to purchase their personal tickets of Istanbul Akvaryum against miles. In return for each 1 TL, 80 miles will be deducted from the account of the subscriber. If the subscribers of Miles&Smiles purchase their tickets for Istanbul Akvaryum by cash or credit card, 4 bonus miles will be loaded to the account of the subscriber in return for each 1 TL.
  • Extra expenses made inside Istanbul Akvaryum as well as cafe and restaurant expenditures, souvenir costs, photograph charges for the photos taken in the photograph area and all costs of such extra services as 5D cinema, mirror maze, Quest Area, Hurricane Simulator and playing machines will not be included in bonus mile earning and spending.
  • Package tariffs for Istanbul Akvaryum are not applicable to promotional products such as family packages.
  • The campaign may not be combined with other campaigns and discounts.
  • Mile earning and spending applies only to the categories of adult ticket prices and student, teacher, disabled, 65 aged and above and veteran specified in the website of http://www.istanbulakvaryum.com/tr/bilet-fiyatlari for personal tickets. It is obliged for the visitors to show their identity cards. 
  • Tickets of Istanbul Akvaryum are daily and for single use only.
  • In mile uses, general terms and conditions of the Miles&Smiles program apply.