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Plan your trip well and don’t miss out on the chance to discover Istanbul!

Take advantage of the opportunity for a stopover in Istanbul when flying with Turkish Airlines to discover the city. With a stopover of 24 hours or more you can use the time to enjoy Istanbul’s unmatched views and endless opportunities for fun to make your travel experience even better.

What is a stopover?

A stopover is when you have 24 hours or more between connecting flights. For example, on a series of flights like Frankfurt–Istanbul–Bangkok for which you stay 24 hour or more in Istanbul, spending the night and flying off to Bangkok the next day, then that is a stopover. You can use this opportunity to discover Istanbul and make your travel experience even more enjoyable.

Come and see Istanbul!

Istanbul is a city that displays the legacies of Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman cultures blended in to the modern city where east meets west. Istanbul shows visitors its Byzantine and Ottoman past through its historical buildings like the waterfront mansions along the Bosporus, the Hagia Sophia, and Topkapı Palace along with the coastal neighborhoods along the Golden Horn. Despite the Galata, Beyoğlu, Üsküdar, and Kadıköy districts’ long history of settlement, they have a youthful vibrancy and colorful atmosphere full of life while still maintaining a connection to tradition and the past.

Terms and conditions

Plan your trip to include a stopover in Istanbul while buying a ticket on our website, mobile app, or at one of our sales offices or from a travel agent. Choose the “multi-city” option when buying a ticket on our website. If you select a roundtrip flight the system will automatically show flights with the shortest time in between and you will not have the opportunity for a stopover. You can still take advantage of a stopover if you have already bought your ticket. This can be done in line with fare rules concerning a ticket change fee, if necessary. All the fares on the system offer the chance for a stopover in Istanbul. Some promotion classes are not included in this offer. Make sure to check Turkey’s visa regulations for your country before your flight if you are not a Turkish citizen.

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