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Trumore and Miles&Smiles are teaming up for a first!

Earn Miles from Miles&Smiles by conducting your Trugo charging processes through Trumore!

We offer the opportunity to earn Miles that can be used both on land and in the air, with the partnership of Trumore and Miles&Smiles.

Earn 1 Mile for every 1 KW during your charging process!

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Redefining the mobility experience, Togg allows you to plan your route, view road fees, and use Trugo charging services through the Trumore mobile app.

To earn Miles, you need to enter your Miles&Smiles membership number on a specially opened screen.


Campaign conditions

  • To earn Miles through Trugo charging services on the Trumore mobile app, the phone numbers used on your Trumore and Trugo accounts must be the same.
  • Miles are credited to your account based on the KW values of your Trugo charging services through the Trumore mobile app.
  • At the end of each month,Miles corresponding to the total KW values of your Trugo charging services used throughout the month are credited to your Miles&Smiles account.
  • The Miles&Smiles membership number must be entered exactly as in the example. Example: TK123456789
  • Mile earnings are not possible for reservations made without entering a membership number or with an incorrectly entered number.
  • Earning Miles for past transactions is not possible.
  • Charging services eligible for Mile earnings must be conducted by clicking on the Trugo logo indicated within the gez application inside the Trumore mobile app.
  • Members cannot earn Miles for charging services conducted directly through Trugo.
  • Members must match their Miles&Smiles account information with their Trumore user information. Multiple Miles&Smiles membership numbers cannot be used.
  • Within the scope of the campaign, for every 1 KW spent on Trugo charging services (calculated at the end of the month), 1 Mile is earned.