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Earn miles on your accommodation reservations via Booking.com partnership

Booking.com partnership serves you to open up a world of destinations with incredible accommodations to explore from family-run B&Bs to five star luxury resorts, from apartments to vacation rentals, even igloos or tree-top escapes.

Earn 2 Miles for every 1 euro spent on your accommodation!

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You can book everything from business trips to dream holidays in an instant.

  • Free cancelation on most rooms.
  • Manage your own bookings.
  • No booking fees.
  • New deals listed every day for every budget.

Please fill in your Miles&Smiles membership number while making your reservation to earn miles.

Terms and conditions

  • Miles are calculated based on net room rate and will appear on your account up to 8-12 weeks after your check-out date.
  • Miles&Smiles membership number must be filled in the format as in the following example. E.g. TK123456789
  • Bookings without a membership number or with incorrect membership number will not be awarded.
  • Retroactive claims are not allowed.
  • Reservations subject to earn miles must be made via the hotel touchpoints on the Turkish Airlines online platforms, where Turkish Airlines logo is obviously seen at the top or via hotels.turkishairlines.com.
  • If there is an agreement between the hotel and Miles&Smiles, the rule above applies in such cases.
  • Members cannot earn miles if the reservation is made directly on Booking.com.
  • Members need to complete their stay via corresponding reservation for earning miles.
  • Members will not be awarded for "no show" or for “cancelled bookings”.
  • Members cannot submit multiple Miles&Smiles accounts for a particular stay.
  • In case more than one Miles&Smiles members share a room, only the member, who submitted the Miles&Smiles membership number, will earn miles for this particular stay.
  • Reservations are subject to Booking.com terms and conditions.
  • 2 Miles are earned for every 1 euro spent on stayed bookings during the campaign period.

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