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Introducing Osaka

To appreciate the glorious past of Osaka, and come face to face with the city’s modernity, all you need to do is step out onto its streets and explore. You'll see a striking contrast between the old and the new throughout the city - gaze up at the ancient Osaka castle, and you'll see wonders of modern architecture leaping towards the sky behind it. It's this combination of the past and the present which make this city so fascinating - but it's full of some breathtaking natural beauty as well. If you visit in spring, you'll see orchards of cherry trees blossoming with their delicate pink flowers, and the city is full of tranquil, serene gardens where you can't help but feel at peace all year round. Along with that famous castle, there are other sights to explore, like the city’s many sacred temples and fascinating museums. If you're looking to do some shopping while in Osaka, be sure to pass by Tenjinbashi-Sujii, the city's retail center. Magical views of the city await at the top of the towering Abeno Harukas skyscraper, and of course, don't be afraid to try some of Japan's unique cuisine while here in Osaka.

Osaka is known for:

История и искусство Развлечения и шопинг Кулинария Гольф Море Город

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Kyoto (56 km)
Kobe (34 km)
Nagoya (179 km)
Japanese Yen (JPY)


A, B

GMT +9




Osaka Kansai Airport is (KIX) is 50 km from the city center and there are plenty of public transport options to make the journey between the two. Buses running between the city and the airport will cost 1,000 to 1,550 yen, the metro will cost 2,000 to 3,500 yen, and the high-speed ferry will cost 1,850 yen. The bus journey takes around 60 minutes, the metro around 50 minutes and the ferry around 30 minutes. There's also an airport shuttle bus, Airport Limousine, which makes the 60-minute journey at a cost of 1,500 yen. If you're going by metro or ferry, there's also a shuttle bus running from terminal 2 taking passengers to their respective stations.

Среднее время пути от аэропорта: 30-60 minutes

Расстояние от аэропорта: 50 km


You'll have no problem finding a taxi at Kansai Airport. There are a number of city taxis and private hire firms operating out of terminals 1 and 2. Expect to pay around 15,000 yen for the 50-minute journey.

Средняя стоимость такси: 15,000 yen


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