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Flights to Benin

Porto-Novo French
CFA Franc 11,18 million
New Year (January 01), Labor Day (May 01), Independence Day (August 01), Christmas (December 25), Easter, Ramadan Feast, Sacrifice Holiday

Situated in the Western Africa, Benin is a country along the Atlantic Ocean. Having been a French colony for long years, the country which has gained its independence in 1960 is a worth-seeing destination by its historically important artifacts, untouched virgin nature and friendly people. Benin therefore increases its touristic value gradually, attracting more and more people each passing year.

Take a look at the flights to Benin offered by Turkish Airlines now to have a privileged journey up in the clouds and start planning your travel for an alternative holiday meeting the wild animals or enjoying the sun and sea along the Atlantic Ocean surrounded by lovely palm trees.

Flight Details

Benin flight details

Flights to Benin with Turkish Airlines from Istanbul Airport (IST) land at Cotonou Airport (COO) in the Cotonou city of the country. The duration of the journeys in this route is nearly seven hours and thirty minutes.

As a country with Equatorial climate on its coastal region, Benin has a hot and dry geography. It therefore ranks among the destinations to be visited at all seasons and shines out as an exotic alternative to spend your cold days of winter.

Owning a vibrant and rich culture, Benin also hosts a large number of festivals in which it keeps the traditions alive. One of the attention-grabbing events you would like to attend is the Voodoo Day, regarded as the most interesting festival countrywide. As one of the most significant feasts of the voodoo religion, this festival is celebrated in the 10th of January every year. It would be an unforgettable experience to see the believers performing the sacrifice ceremonies sparking a debate all over the world.

Another event held in the city of Quidah is Quintessence Movie Festival where both local and international movies are screened. Organized in January every year, the festival aims to secure Benin’s position in the movie sector. Another culture-oriented festival countrywide is Waba held in the first week of June. Welcoming its guests in the capital Porto Novo and Cotonou, this crowd-pulling event’s purpose is to strengthen the country’s bound with art and position art in an important place for the people. During the festival in which the best visual artists countrywide come together, you may have a chance to visit many exhibitions in the cities and observe closer the art in Benin.

As one of the most interesting traditions of Benin culture, Gelede Festival is held to praise women and mothers and respect the old women in the public. Taking place in March and May, this festival offers various concerts, dance performances and events, as well as the colorful parades of dancers.

Attraction Points

Benin sightseeing and attractions

Benin’s capital Porto Novo served as a capital also during the French colonial period. Hosting numerous historical artifacts remaining from the French colony, Porto Novo’s most remarkable artifact is the Royal Palace. Also cited as the Royal Palace of King Toffa, this building serves as a museum today, ranking among the top touristic spots in Benin. You may visit the gardens of royals and the museum of Porto Novo kings outside the palace as well.

Royal Palaces in the city of Abomey are highly attractive too. 12 palaces belonging to Dahomey West African Kingdom were built in the 17th century. It is possible to have a short car travel from the capital to see these buildings, which are included in UNESCO World Heritages List. It may therefore be recommendable to rent a car for ensuring a smooth transport in the capital full of cultural activities, as well as comfortably reaching the national parks to explore the marvelous nature of Benin thereafter.

Ranking among the top famous national parks countrywide, Pendjari National Park is named after the Pendjari River flowing through, shining out as a highly important region in terms of the bird species it is a home to. The park also hosts numerous wild animals, including but not limited to elephants, hippopotamuses, buffalos and antelopes. Another extremely significant national park in Benin is the W National Park, declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Having a rich vegetation, W National Park brings in countless safari lovers to the country, as well as being home to a large number of mammals like baboons, buffalos, cheetahs, elephants, hippopotamuses and lions.

Standing out by its heavenly nature, Benin’s Nokoue Village is one of the most outstanding places worldwide in bird watching. Lake Nokoue in the region, on the other hand, arouses interest by its peerless landscape. Moreover, Grand Popo would be an ideal choice for those wishing to enjoy the country’s ocean shore. Offering an interesting background as it used to be a significant place for slave trading in the past, Grand Popo beach now welcomes its guests as a wonderful holiday village to have a rest and enjoy swimming in the turquoise waters.

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