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For healthy travel in the new period

As we resume exploring the world, we continue to prioritize the health and well-being of our passengers. Our hygiene and safety measures are consistently updated according to current conditions, to ensure that passengers can travel in comfort and ease.

We care about your well-being

We provide the most hygienic and safe conditions so you can travel with peace of mind.

Дышите безопасно с фильтрами HEPA

Высокоэффективные фильтры HEPA, установленные в наших самолетах, используют специальную систему фильтрации, которая способна удалить до 99,97% всех частиц диаметром до 0,3 микрон в воздухе. HEPA-фильтры обеспечивают чистый и безопасный воздух в салоне.

Бриллиантовый рейтинг за наши стандарты безопасного путешествия

Мы получили сертификат Diamond от APEX и SimpliFlying за обеспечение высочайших стандартов безопасности путешествий.

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Masks permitted on flights

Please note that wearing a mask during the flight depends on the country and state you are traveling to and for country-specific restrictions, you can visit the Travel Rules of Countries from here. You are welcome to wear a mask on any flight for your health and safety.


You can find detailed information regarding various travel-related topics for the new period.