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Non Type Rated First Officer Wide Body

General Qualifications 

  • Birth date between 01.01.1964 – 31.12.1996 on the date of the application. 
  • Minimum high school diploma, 
  • No written penalty due to flight default or lack of discipline, 
  • No history of criminal record. 

Technical Qualifications 

  • Minimum Frozen ATPL, 
  • Minimum 3,000 flight hours on aircrafts over 27 tonnes of which 2,000 flight hours are on one of the mentioned aircraft listed in table “NTR WIDE BODY” 
  • Within the last 2 years, not a break of more than 12 months in active flying 
  • Only JAA/EASA/ICAO/FAA licenses are acceptable. 

Health Conditions 

  • Meeting the required health conditions of the Airline Transportation of the ICAO Annex-1 and JAR FCL 3 on Airline Transportation Pilot. 

Foreign Language (English) Requirements 

  • ICAO Level 4 in English, 

Please click on the link for the acceptable aircraft types 

Conditions for the job application: 

  • Only online applications will be accepted. 
  • Candidates who meet the minimum requirements will be shortlisted and invited to take part in the screening process. 
  • Simulator and line check times will not be calculated as flying hours. 
  • A job offer will be made upon successful completion of the screening process . All documents will need to be presented prior to commencing employment, work permit process will be handled by Turkish Airlines. 

Please click here for Application Form