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Type Rated Captain – B777, A330, A340

General Qualifications

  • Between 30-60 years old on the date of application,
  • Minimum high school diploma,
  • No written penalty due to flight default or lack of discipline,
  • No criminal record.

Technical Qualifications

  • Must be a current Commander/Captain,
  • Minimum 5.500 total flight hours,
  • Minimum 3.000 or more flight hours on aircrafts over 27 tons
  • Minimum 500 PIC flight hours on the applied aircraft type,
  • No break of more than 12 months within the last 2 years in the flights on the applied aircraft.

Health Conditions

  • Meet the required health conditions of the Airlines Transportation of the ICAO Annex-1 and JAR FCL 3 on Airline Transportation Pilot.

Foreign Language (English) Requirements

  • ICAO Level 4 in English,
  • Only JAA/EASA/FAA/ICAO licences are acceptable.