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Rent Go and Fly with miles, 

Earn 1500 Miles from each rental, earn 7.500 Miles totaly.

  • The campaign is available until 31.12.2017. 
  • You can not earn Miles from the rentals made with special discounts. 
  • For each day earned 1500 miles and the earned miles are limited to 7500 miles for each rental. 
  • It can take 30 days for the Earned Miles to be reflected in The Renter’s Miles&Smiles membership accounts. In case of any trouble, you should submit the invoices of car rentals to the company from where you have rented the car. 
  • The earned miles are only charged to the renter’s account. 
  • In order to earn Miles in return for car rentals, you should show your Miles&Smiles program card or state your membership number. 
  • There must be 1 week or more between consecutive contracts which are made in our same branch to earn miles with last contract. 
  • Can not be combined with different campaigns. 
  • The campaign is applied in all Rent Go offices except Erzurum, Amasya and Merzifon. 
  • You should call 444 4 061 Rent Go Reservation Center or mail to rezervasyon@rentgo.com for more information. 
  • Rent Go reserves the right to make changes in the conditions of the campaign.